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    Ways Of Journaling Tips

    Ways Of Journaling Tips

    Want to start writing your own journal but do not know how to? Here are some tips for you so that you will be able to start writing your own journal now! 




    #1 Know What Topic You Are Talking About

    Before you start writing your own journal, make sure that you have a topic to talk about, if not, you will just be writing aimlessly and your journal will not make sense. It is very important for you to have a solid topic before writing up a journal as this will serve as the guideline on what direction your journal is gonna head to and what kind of journal it is go.




    #2 Reflect On It

    Now that you have decided on the topic that you are going to talk about in your journal, you have to reflect on the topic that you have chosen. Brainstorm on the topic that you have chosen so that you will know the points that you want to talk about in the topic that you have chosen. Also, by reflecting on the topic that you have chosen, you can evaluate whether or not the topic you have chosen is relevant or not.




    #3 Date Every Entry

    It is very important for you to date every journal entry that you have so that you can keep track on the things that you have been writing up about. This will also allow you to see in chronological order your past journals up till now, you can see how much you have improved or have been constant throughout all the journal entries that you have done. You can also see your progress at the same time from your first journal to your latest ones. 




    #4 Re-read Everything Once You Are Done

    Once you are done with your journal, make sure to re-read the whole thing again and again to make sure that you do not have any error in your grammar or spelling. This will also help you check whether the things that you have wrote actually make sense! By re-reading your whole journal, you can see from a third party's point of view how it would feel to read your own journal to see if it is relevant and that it really does make sense.

    Do make sure to check out our very own set of journals available at Klosh! It will help you to write your very own journal and be on your way to be the best journalist that you can be! 



    Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

    Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

    Bedrooms are one of the most important part of our homes as we can call this our own home within a home. This is where we find the most comfortable bed, where we would comfortably sleep and have the best rest we can! It is also important to make our bedroom look amazing and cozy! Here are some tips on how you can do that.



    #1 Include Vibrant Colors

    Vibrant colors is a great touch to your rooms as adding vibrant colors to your rooms will make your it more eye-catching and alive in sense because of the distinctive colors that each of you will choose. It will also make you enjoy yourself in your room more! 



    #2 Soft Textures

    Most of you would probably think that the textures that the room gives off is irrelevant, however, it plays a vital role on the total atmosphere of the room! Therefore, it is very important for you to have soft textures in your room as it will make the room feel cozier and more comfortable for you to sleep at and have a great rest! 



    #3 Warm Wood Furnishings

    Wooden furnishings mostly include wooden furniture, wooden decors and even wooden floors. This will give your room that warm and cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy your room! Not only does it have such benefits, it also helps with the overall look and design of yu room and make it look better and welcoming at the same time!

    Also do check out our online website and we are sure that you will find something special for you to make your room better with at Klosh.




    Saving Plans For The Future

    Saving Plans For The Future




    #1 Identify Needs & Wants

    Identifying your needs from your wants is the first steps for you to be able to learn how to save. You have to know that the things that you have to spend your money on should a need to you and not just a want. For example, you need a shirt, however you want to buy a branded shirt because it is on trend but it is more expensive. You should ask yourself twice before buying the things you want to buy because you might end up not needing it and you could have saved the money to buy something else in the future.




    #2 Understand Your Current Cash Flow

    Understanding your cash flow is easier said than done as this requires you to continuously calculate your spending, savings and total budget accurately. You have to know your total budget so that you will be able to calculate and budget your money properly so that you will not overspend and also to save more! 



    #3 Recognize That Saving Is Important

    For you to be able to save for the future, you have to know that saving is a very important thing to do as it will help you achieve the things that you would want to do in the future, for example, buy a car, buy a house and etc. Make sure not to think that saving is a waste of time, but rather think of it as an investment for you or think of it any other way that would make you enjoy the idea of saving. You will not regret it! 




    #4 Start Now!

    Lastly, in able for you to save, you have to start now! The earlier you save the better it would be for you and your future. When you start saving now, you will be able to save more for your future and this will also help you to be more discipline in your spending and help you manage your money better!

    Klosh can help you with this with our very own coin boxes and change boxes that would help you save! It also comes with different designs for you to choose from to make your saving journey a fun and fruitful one for your future! 

    Back To School Tips

    Back To School Tips

    Holidays are over! It was fun while it lasted did it not? We have all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year seasons Merrily and happily and it is back to reality right now, for working adults, back to work and for you student out there, it is back to school! It may sound like a nightmare but here are some tips for back to school to turn it into your sweet dreams!



    #1 Have A School Planner

    Having a school planner will make all the school work that you have to do to be more organized and in order. This will also make sure that you will not forget to do all your homework and the deadlines that you have to take note of! You can also use this planner to plan your week ahead properly and make sure to keep to it so that you will not go off track of the things that you are supposed to be doing! 



    #2 Use Class Time Wisely

    Always make sure to make the most of the time that you have in class. Learn as much as you can from what the teacher has taught and always remember to take notes as well! If ever the teacher ends earlier, use the remaining time to run through what you have just learnt so that you can still clarify doubts that you have.



    #3 Look At Your Notes Frequently

    This help you be familiar with the things that you have just learnt so that it stays fresh on your mind and also, by frequently checking your notes, you will be able to make sense out of them and even make amendments and use your own way of interpreting the notes. This will improve your overall understanding of your notes and eventually do better for these subjects! 



    #4 Make Friends In Every Class

    Making friends in every classes that you have does not only make your social circle bigger, but it also puts you at an advantage academic wise! Why is that so? Well, it is because they will be able to help you form a study group, if you miss out a class, they will help you out and let you borrow their notes for you to use and many more! Friends are always important so make sure to make a lot of them in every classes that you have! 

    Also, do not forget to check out our very own sets of stationery and notebooks to help you gear up and be ready for school! Only at Klosh

    New Year Resolutions 2018

    New Year Resolutions 2018

    2017 is coming to an end, the year is ending and yet another year is coming! We should welcome the New Year of 2018 by trying out new things, learning something new and maybe do something differently in our lives! That is right, we are talking about New Year's Resolutions! Have you accomplished what you said you would at the start of 2017? Well it is over now and it is time to make new ones and here are some suggestions for you!



    #1 Travel Adventures!

    Planning a getaway right at the start of the year is an excellent way for you to look forward to the new year! You will be looking forward to travel to the place that you always wanted to go, this will also make sure that you have to save enough money throughout the year in able for you to accomplish this goal! This resolution makes you look forward to the year and teaches you how to manage your money properly so that you will be able to do the things you want for the future! 




    #2 Lose Weight

    Losing weight is one of the most common New year's resolutions out there is it not? It may sound so easy, but it is so hard to do! Losing weight requires constant exercise and appropriate healthy diet. Easier said than done right? This is the reason why it is so common in everyone's new year's resolution list as it is difficult to overcome! But fret not, all it takes is discipline and self control so that you will be able to get that perfect body that you are looking for!



    #3 Eat Healthily

    Eating fruits and vegetables, this resolutions coincides with losing weight as well! As eating healthily and having proper diet will lead to losing weight. However, losing weight is not the only benefit that you will get upon eating healthily, it also provides health benefits such as improved heart health, strong bones and teeth and also an overall healthier body that will make yourself immune to a lot of diseases! 



    #4 Be a Better You!

    Be a better version of you this year and for the rest of the upcoming years! Improve yourself, explore new things, learn new skills, try something new and of course find who you truly are and be the best version of yourself yet! 2017 is over, mistakes are done and we cannot take it back anymore, learn from it, take it as a lesson learnt every time you commit a mistake and learn from it to improve yourself to be a better you!