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    Healthy Eating Tips

    Healthy Eating Tips

    I am pretty sure that most of us wants to live healthily right? Well, the first step to being healthy is being mindful of what we eat! As the saying goes, we are what we eat, here are some healthy eating tips that can help you start being healthy!



    #1 Eat Lots Of Fruits and Vegetable

    We all know how healthy fruits and vegetables are am I right? It contains a lot of different vitamins, fiber and etc. Thus, eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day will guide you through your healthy eating lifestyle. It is also a very healthy substitute for your sweet deserts as fruits and vegetables have their natural sweetness already! Who said you can't be healthy and enjoy desserts at the same time?


    #2 Do Not Skip Breakfast

    Most of us skip breakfast thinking that it is not important, however, breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day as it is what gets our body and mind going in the morning, thus, eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast will help us get through the day. Wholegrain cereal or oats with sliced fruits are one of the healthiest breakfast as it has the vitamins and minerals we need to start the day right.



    #3 Cut Down On Saturated Fats And Sugar

    Even though we need some fats in our healthy diet, consuming too much fats is very unhealthy as it contains large amounts of cholesterol that can increase the risk of a person having a heart disease. Frequently consuming sugared drinks can increase the risks of obesity and tooth decay as well, instead, drink unsweetened fruit juices or the healthiest drink of all water!



    #4 Keep Hydrated!

    Our body needs a lot of fluid to not get dehydrated, it is recommended that a person should consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to keep hydrated. Specially if you are a very active person who do sports or is an athlete, you will need more fluids in your body and also if it is a very hot day, always remember to drink up and stay hydrated!



    Know Your Wall Better

    Know Your Wall Better

    Do not know much about your very own wall decorations? Here are some types of wall decorations that you might have but do not even know of it! 



    #1 Wall Murals and paintings

    Paintings and wall murals are the wall decorations that requires a bit more hard work, time and sometimes even costs more. Even though its quite troublesome to put this on your wall, the final result will be very drastic as it can completely transforms a room's atmosphere!



    #2 Wallpaper and Paint

    The wallpaper and overall paint color of the room sets the tone for your room and it also gives your wall a different kind of texture according to an individual's personal preference. Wallpapers also come in many different styles, colors and patterns, which gives you the option to be creative too!



    #3 Quotes Wall Art

    Quotes wall art are more of the common pieces that your households should have as it is a very simplistic and easy to put up on your wall as you can just hang it. These quotes will also serve as  a reminder or a source motivation for you when you see it. You can even print your own quotes and frame it up to be your very own wall decor. This is how easy and versatile this wall decor is!



    #4 Art Prints

    Art prints are probably the most common piece of wall decor an individual have on the walls of their households, due to how easy it is to get and own one. Similar to the quote wall art, you can also print your own art prints and frame it up! It will also be cheaper for you and at the same time, you will have the exact art print you want.

    I hope these wall decoration types has given most of you ideas on why YOU should win our Wonder Wall competition and stand a chance to win Wall Decorations worth more than $50! All the best!



    How To Study For Exams

    How To Study For Exams

    Feeling stressed out and don't know how to prepare for your upcoming major exams? Here are simple tips on how to help you ace that exam paper!



    #1 Give Yourself Enough Time

    The key doing well for your exams is to manage whatever little or much time you have so that you will be able to maximize it and do as much as you can within that much time. Always give yourself enough time to prepare and study as much as you can for your exams so that you will not panic at the last moment and then blank out. By giving yourself enough time, you will be able to discover new ways to do certain things while studying too!



    #2 Choose Your Study Space Wisely

    It is very important for you to have a conducive and productive space to study in, as it will affect your mood and mindset while you are studying. Find the most suitable space for you study and make sure that you are productive yet comfortable but not too comfortable as you might slack off if you find it too comfortable for you. 




    #3 Practice Old Exam Papers

    Using old exam papers to practice for your upcoming exams will be very useful as you will be able to gauge the kind of questions that would be coming out, and you will not be so shocked when you see a question that you have yet to see as you might have already encountered it in the old exam papers. Thus, doing old exam papers are very useful as it helps you get used to the type of questions that might come out.



    #4 Form A Study Group

    The more the merrier! This goes to how you study as well. By forming study groups, you will be able to share your knowledge with one another and help each other solve a questions and learn from each other's unique method of solving problems. This will also at the same time an enjoyable experience as you will be together with your friends instead of studying by yourselves.



    #5 Take Regular Breaks

    Even though you are so focused on getting things done while studying, never ever forget to take a short break in between! This is very important so that your brain will not overload with all the things that you have been studying. By taking a mini break in between, you are letting you brain process the information that you have just learnt and make you understand it better! Taking a break ain't that bad after all right?



    Decorate with Rose Gold

    Decorate with Rose Gold

    Unusual at it maybe, Rose Gold might not be the first thing that would come to your mind when it comes to decorating your place but it is indeed on the rise when it comes to being trendy! 

    #1 Smart Phones and Gadgets

    Even our latest smart phones and gadgets are getting taken over by the Rose Gold craze which comes to show that this color can be used for a fashionable way of our everyday essential items and make them a step higher when it comes to being trendy and cool!

    #2 Home Decorations

    From painting ones home with Rose Gold to Rose Gold colored home decor it just makes everything look so beautiful and irresistibly better! It's simplistic yet elegant look is really something that attracts ones eye and without a doubt catch their interests as well and one way or another add this color into their daily lives. 

    #3 Appliances

    Even your daily appliances or garden tools can step their game up by having the color Rose Gold and make them look like a house decor as well while fulfilling their respective initial roles!

    #4 Organizing your things

    When it comes to keeping your things at home in place and being on the trendy side at the same time, Klosh has the right item for you! Introducing our new Rose Gold Decor collections which can help help organize your things and be a great home decor at the same time as well! These collections will be available at all our Klosh outlets. Make sure not to miss it!

    Finding the right decorations

    Finding the right decorations

    Just moved in to your new house or apartment? You have bought all your appliances and furniture but something else is missing when you have a look at those 4 empty walls around you? That's right finding the right wall decorations is an essential for your own home as well. It will set the tone to what kind of "mood" you set your home to be, according to your own taste and character there are a limitless creative ways of decorating those empty walls of yours!

    So how do you get started and how do you get inspirations on how to decorate your walls creatively according to your tastes? Here are some tips for you!

    #1 Find Inspirations from home magazines

    Finding the right magazine that suits you will definitely widen your creativity as there might be other people who have the same taste as you! They might have already done something very creative that you might like and you can even add your own tweak to that idea and make it your own!

    #2 Do-It-Yourself!

    By doing it yourself, you can fully customize your own wall accordingly, for example, if you are in love with photography, you can hang your masterpieces on your wall, or if you love reading books, you can have a DIY clip on on your wall and have your favorite books hang there ready to be read which adds a creative dimension to your walls. This Do-It-Yourself ideas are not limited to these 2 but it is limited to your imagination so be creative and remember to have fun while doing so!

    #3 Window shop

    By window shopping, you will be able to explore the depths of decorating not only your walls but your entire home as well. You will be able to see pieces of decorations that you might not have thought of buying at first but end up getting it due to the fact that it actually suits your taste! Not only that, by window shopping for your decorations, you will be able to calculate the costs of each item that you consider purchasing and even compare prices to get the best deal out there. It never hurts to be frugal and save up too while decorating your own homes!

    Always remember to use your imagination while decorating not only your walls, but your entire home as well! Oh, and never forget to have fun! Do check out our wonderful wall decorations at Klosh to kick start your decorating journey! These items are available at our stores and on our online website too.