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    Join the Klosh Club!


    1 .1 What is the Klosh Club?

    The Klosh Club is our exclusive membership program whereby you can earn sparks (points) every time you make a purchase from us. Accumulate of sparks will allow you to redeem them as cash discount for future purchases!

    Other benefits:

    • Exclusive invite to Klosh events
    • Special promotions and offers


    1.2 How do I join the Klosh Club?

    There are 2 ways in which you can sign up as our member!

    • Online: Simply create an account on our online website. Click on the create account tab and fill in your details. If you wish to use your membership in our physical store, quote your mobile number or email to the cashier.
    • In-Store: Sign up in person at our Singapore store. Simply inform the cashier when you are making a purchase that you would like to become a member. Do take note that if you sign up physically at our stores but would also like to enjoy the benefits on our online store or to check your remaining sparks, you will have a to create an account online using the same information you provided at the store.


    1.3 How does Klosh Club work?

    Our membership system is link to both our online store as well as physical stores. What this means is that you will be able to collect sparks when you purchase either online or offline.


    1.4 How do I earn sparks?

    On-going: For every SGD$1 spent, you will earn 1 sparks. Accumulate to 100 sparks to get a cash discount of SGD$5

     (One-time use):

    You can also earn sparks by:

    Completing your profile online + 50 points

    Liking our Facebook page (kloshsingapore)  + 5 points

    Liking our Instagram page (@kloshsg) + 5 points


    1.5 How do I redeem my sparks?

    • For online purchases, click on the check rewards tab located on the bottom left corner of the page. You will see the amount that you can able to redeem. Click redeem to generate a voucher code which you can key in at the checkout page to get the discount. Do note that when you redeem the reward online, you are unable to use the code at the physical stores. If you wish to use the sparks at our physical stores, we advise you to not redeem online and simply head to the stores for them to help you to claim your discount. You are also not able to stack discount codes at the checkout. Only one code per purchase.
    • For store purchase, simply tell the cashier during payment that you would like to redeem your sparks. The cashier will advise you on your balance and the cash amount that you can redeem.


    1.6 How do I check my sparks balance?

    • You may ask the cashier in store to help you to check
    • Please refer to Point 1.2


    1.7 Will my membership or sparks expire?

    Good news! There is no expiry for the membership or sparks at the moment.


    1.8 Are my sparks transferrable?

    No, your sparks are not transferrable to another account. Sparks are also not allowed to be exchanged directly for cash.


    1.9 What will happen to my sparks when I make a refund?

    The amount of sparks you earned through the purchase that has been refunded will be automatically deducted from your account.

    If you used your sparks to redeem a cash discount, do take note that the sparks WILL NOT be credited back into your account.

    Please allow for a day lead time for the updates to be made to your account.


    For all other enquiries, please email us at