Festive Picks for CNY 2023

The Year of the Rabbit is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the festive than to have adorable Miffy goods in our houses? 😍 It’s crazy to think that the seemingly little girl rabbit has been around for over 6 decades, instilling a sense of safety in children everywhere till this very day. Let us celebrate Miffy’s positive attitude and openness to new experiences over the years, while we welcome our very own positive experiences in the Year of the Rabbit!

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Without further ado, here are some of our CNY picks from the Miffy collection! (Or if you’re looking for a versatile CNY pick for many years to come, scroll to the end of this post to check out more! 👀)


1. Miffy Red Packets 

Miffy Red Packets

What’s Chinese New Year without gorgeous angpaos? These limited edition Miffy Red Packet Bundle comes in 8 different designs, making them the perfect, unique red packet to give out for the Year of the Rabbit! Grab yours here before they run out! 👀🧧


2. Miffy Drawstring Bags

We love accessories that can be used even after CNY, and Miffy Drawstring Bags are one of them! While they can hold loose miscellaneous items on normal days, these bags are handy to carry a pair of oranges or keep one’s angpaos safe during house-visiting! 😆🍊


3. Miffy Toys

Whether you’re someone who goes all out with their yearly CNY deco or someone who simply decorates your home ‘enough’ for when relatives visit, here’s something you may want to consider! Miffy toys are such a cute addition to any home, and they make the perfect subtle CNY deco especially this year! With that being said, while our Classic Yellow Miffy Plush steals all the attention with its money bag every CNY, we love that the spotlight is on all the Miffys for the Year of the Rabbit! (As deserved - they’re all just so adorable! 🥺💖)


4. Miffy Tissue Pouch With Card Slot

Did you know? Red is such an important colour during CNY because it’s considered the colour of luck! ✨ If you’re looking to carry around a little bit of luck wherever you go, this Miffy Tissue Pouch with Card Slot will do the trick! Not only does it come in the auspicious colour red, but this tissue pouch also doubles up as a card slot at the back! So convenient! 🤭


5. Miffy Brown Leather Envelope Card Case

I’m all for subtle accessories that can be used throughout the year, and this Miffy Brown Leather Envelope Card Case is such an elegant one! A Miffy figure is embossed at the back of the compact card case, and there are even options to laser engrave your desired text for a more personalised gift! 😍


6. Miffy Hand Towel

Looking to add some colour to your bathroom? Let this small, adorable Miffy holding onto a hand towel surprise your guests this CNY! (How adorable is this?! 🥺)


7. Miffy Kitchenware

Spice up your kitchen with some Miffy Kitchenware, because who wouldn’t love to see rabbit utensils, mugs AND tumblers during the Year of the Rabbit? 🐰😆


8. Miffy Reusable Shopping Bag

Let’s not forget about grocery shopping before CNY! While getting your ingredients to prepare for your reunion dinner at the local supermarkets, why not carry a Miffy Reusable Shopping Bag to carry your groceries in style? Celebrate CNY with a new eco-friendly bag that can also be folded into a small pouch to bring around! 🛍️


More CNY Picks

If versatile CNY goods are what you’re looking for, check these out!

These goodies may look appetizing, but they’re really just cushions! 🤯 (Did I mention that the pineapple tart cushion is at least 8 times bigger than a normal sized one? YUMZ! 🤤)

Contrasting the huge cushions are its tiny counterparts - and they’re functional pouches! Such an adorable addition to bring around during CNY house visiting!

For more CNY picks, visit our Chinese New Year Collection on our online store here! 🎊


Due to the festive season, do also take note of our store closures and order fulfilment dates below!

Online Store: Closed from 19-27 Jan. Orders will be fulfilled after 29 Jan.

Jewel Store: Closed on CNY Eve at 5pm. Open on 1st and 2nd day of CNY.

Compass Store: Closed on CNY Eve at 5pm. Closed on 1st and 2nd day of CNY.


With that, we wish everyone a healthy & prosperous Year of the Rabbit! 🐰🥳


🧧 Happy Chinese New Year! 🍊

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