Will You Be My Valentine?

It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and you know what that means! Whether you’re showing your appreciation to your partner, or about to confess to a special someone, gifts really do go a long way to show your love! ❤️ Check out some gift ideas below to treat your loved ones this V-Day! 💌


1. Flowers

Flowers are thought to be the best way to show one's affection and feelings to one another! 🌸 If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative compared to grand flower bouquets (but with it still being stunning of course), head down to our Compass One outlet @ #03-06/07 and be amazed at our extensive range of flowers! 🤩💐

If you’re tired of gifting regular flowers, why not spice it up this year with some crochet ones? Crochet flowers are slowly becoming a popular alternative to flowers - simply because you can keep them forever! Arranged beautifully with a ‘Love’ lettering on the wrapper, these crochet flowers are also available at our Compass One outlet in limited quantities! 👀🌹


2. Couple Soft Toys

Who doesn’t love to get matching things as a couple?! 🤭 Well, we’ve got some ADORABLE couple plushies that you and your loved one might love!

These Mickey and Minnie Souffle Cushions are just SO soft to cuddle! Pro-tip: cuddle them with your S/O for maximum coziness! 😉

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma plushies with MATCHING outfits? Say no more! Get your hands on the cutest pair of plushies to remind you of your S/O at night, especially if you’re staying apart!


3. Jewellery Boxes

A sophisticated jewellery box is just what any princess needs! 😉 With its sleek glass and gold design, this Disney Princess Jewellery Box is perfect for your gal to organize her beauty essentials, jewellery, and so much more! 💍

Alternatively, we have heart-shaped jewellery boxes that are super handy for bringing around! These lightweight, multifunctional Heart-shaped Jewellery Boxes can hold multiple earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets - all in one petite, gorgeous box! 🤩


4. Earrings & Necklaces

Now what’s a jewellery box without jewellery? 😉 If your S/O is a Disney lover, we’ve got the thing for you! These Disney Earrings & Necklaces come in such adorably colourful designs, as well as in 14k gold/ Rhodium plating if you prefer minimalistic jewellery!


5. Touch Warmers

TOUCH your hearts of your partner this Valentine’s Day with these Touch Warmers (pun intended 🤭)! With many Disney options like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh & Disney Princesses available, grab these GORGEOUS home lamps accompanied with many amazing scents that even non-Disney lovers will love!

Not to mention, if you're looking for a really romantic option, you can't go wrong with the Mickey & Minnie Touch Warmer & Candle Bundle! Isn’t it stunning? 🥺❤️


6. Mickey and Friends - You make my Heart Full Square Canvas Frame

Do I even need to say much? This canvas frame, titled “You make my Heart Full”, will add a cute touch to your S/O's room! Or if you're a couple living together, even better - display your love (in the form of this canvas frame) in your home to remind you of your endless love for one another! 🥰


RUN don’t walk! Treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day to good food, great gifts, or a great day out - whatever floats both of your boats! 😚 Most importantly, create more meaningful memories together on this special occasion! ❤️

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! 💋


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