Why You Should Prioritise Self-Care!

Some may find this an overrated topic, but we can’t emphasise how IMPORTANT self-care is! While we may lead hectic lives, it’s always important to leave some time for ourselves, engage in our favourite hobbies, and explore new things! Because what’s life if we don’t enjoy it to the fullest?  

Self-care plays a vital role in improving one’s physical and mental health. On top of managing stress and lowering your risk of illness, it can also increase your energy and lift your spirit! (It goes without saying that having #positivevibes can spread positivity to everyone around you too!)

Now onto the good part, here are some ways you can engage in self-care! 


1. Bullet Journalling

While many of us associate bullet journalling, also known as BuJo, with those aesthetic, high-maintenance Pinterest spreads, it’s actually more straightforward (and less tiring) than it seems! Simply choose a notebook of your liking – we especially like these Weekly Planners for journalling – and jot down ANYTHING! BuJo gives you the freedom to take down your plans for the day, goals, mini notes, random doodles, books you’ve read and so much more!

But if you prefer a structured template with questions to get your brain reflecting, we also have our 3 Questions A Day Journal!


Simply organising your day or self-reflecting can play a huge role in your journey in self-care, but the best part about BuJo? Decorating it uniquely for yourself! Choose washi tapes and stickers that you like and start pasting away! Such a meaningful yet relaxing hobby, which is why it’s one of the most popular self-care hobbies today!    


2. Aromatherapy

Taking care of your own mental health is just as important as your physical health! On top of drinking plenty of water and having a healthier diet, why not add aromatherapy into the mix? Aromatherapy uses the sense of smell to improve one’s mood, and is especially good for calming the nerves! Check out these Essential Oils, Diffusers, and Candles that can very well produce your next favourite fragrance (and a much stress-free, happier you!)


3. Puzzles & Games

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While we’re all out working hard to earn a living, catching a quick break with some puzzles and games can do the trick to temporarily relieve your stress! Check out puzzles of your favourite characters and interactive games you can play with your colleagues here today!


With that being said, do remember to check out these ongoing limited promotions!

Whether you’re engaging in your favourite hobbies or indulging in new experiences, make sure you keep some quality time to care for yourself! ❤️

❤️ Happy Self-Caring! 💅


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