12 Christmas Gifts To Fit Your Holiday Budget!

Whether you’re looking to find exquisite gifts for your loved ones, or hunting for that perfect secret santa-worthy gift with a budget, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of gifts you can get with different holiday budgets - KLOSH edition! 🎅🏻🎁

▶️ $20 and Below

1. Disney 2023 Winnie the Pooh Calendar ($15.90)

Disney 2023 Winnie the Pooh Calendar

A calendar is the perfect Christmas slash New Year’s gift for your colleagues, friends, and family! Our Winnie the Pooh 2023 Calendar has been one of our fastest selling items this season, so snag them while you can from our online, physical or event pop-up stores! 😉

(Psst.. We also have another exclusive design releasing after Christmas, so do look forward to it! 👀)


2. Disney Magnetic Planners ($7.90-$17.90)

Conveniently sticking to any magnetic surface, our Disney Magnetic Planners come in all forms and sizes! From to-do lists and grocery checklists to daily and weekly planners, the magnetic planners make a convenient tool and house decor for your loved ones! 📝


3. Disney Mouse Pads ($15.90)

Just look at Pooh and his friends all cuddled up for the holiday season! Our ergonomic Disney Mouse Pads might be the perfect accessory for your loved ones’ desk, plus there’s just so many designs to choose from! 🤩


4. 300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles ($17.90)

A little jigsaw puzzle fun for your Christmas parties can’t hurt! What’s more - these Jigsaw Puzzles have 300 pieces to it 🤯, making them a challenging but fun family activity for the young and older ones this holiday! 🧩


▶️ $40 and Below

1. Disney Glass Cans ($24.90)

If you didn’t already know, packaging means a lot to us - because they really make gifts whole and complete! On top of our Disney Glass Cans having a eco-friendly bamboo straw (which by the way, are completely natural and sturdier than glass ones), our beautifully designed packaging also makes it instantly ready for gifting! 🎁

P.S. Our designers have even incorporated some of our local favourites in the designs, like bubble tea and durians! 😍🧋 Check them out now!


2. Disney Souffle Cushion (NEW) ($29.90)

These adorable cushions are FINALLY HERE! 😆 Say hello to our NEW 9” Disney Souffle Cushions featuring Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and our new addition Stitch! Made from an incredibly cozy polyester fiber material, these cushions are SO soft to hug 🥺, and they’re even machine washable too!


3. Disney Laptop Bags ($39.90)

These functional Disney Laptop Bags never grow old, especially when they come in such minimalistic designs! The high-quality vegan leather bags comfortably fit any 15” laptop and come with SO many pockets to store other electronics and accessories! 💻 Talk about functional with style! ✨


4. Disney Canvas Frames ($39.90)

Nothing like a beautiful artwork to elevate one’s living space! With many sizes and designs to choose from, these Disney Canvas Frames feature beautiful illustrations and quotes that can fit in any household. Check out more designs here!


These items are also available at our Takashimaya pop-up event at B1 Talking Hall & L3, so do check it out if you’re shopping in the area! 🤭


▶️ $60 and Below

1. Disney Necklaces ($59.95)

You’ve probably seen our best-selling Disney Earrings by now, but did you know we have Disney Necklaces as well? With limited pieces up for grabs, these stunning 14k Gold/ Rhodium Plated necklaces are timeless pieces that can easily match with any outfit! On top of that, each necklace comes with a beautiful packaging, which doubles up as a card to add a personalised heartfelt message to your gift! 💌


2. Disney Candle ($59.95)

While we can’t live in a magical world like our favourite Disney characters, candles can certainly transport us to another place of its own!🎐 As such, candles have become a popular gift in the recent years because of this ability to create that special atmosphere.🕯️ Not only do our Disney Candles come with an array of scents for your choosing, they also have elements inspired by the characters and their personality! The candles are finished with real flower petals, and to top it off - they’re also wrapped with a stunning gift-ready box showcasing the respective movie scenes and gold foil! Such a gorgeous gift for anyone this Christmas! 🎄❤️


3. Disney Touch Warmers ($49.90)

If you’re worried about having a constant live flame in the house to light your candles, we have another option for you! 😉 These Disney Touch Warmers can be a unique light source to elevate any home, but you can also add wax chips with your desired fragrance to it to create a flame-free light + fragrance source! Now who won’t love a meaningful, multi-purpose gift? 🥰


4. Miffy Soft Toys ($44.90-$49.90)

While most of our Miffy soft toys from the collection are under $40, we also have some favourites above it, like the Miffy Head Cushion and Miffy Sitting Teddy 100% Recycled Plush series! Miffy products can’t go wrong this holiday, especially if they’re so adorable and eco-friendly! ♻️


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already done your Christmas shopping, now’s your chance to do so! Grab gifts for your loved ones from our online store, or from our physical stores at Jewel Changi Airport & Compass One to receive Christmas freebies* from us!

*Minimum purchase required; visit our stores for more information!


From the KLOSH team, we wish everyone an early Merry Christmas! 🎄

❤️ Happy Holidays! 🥳

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