Your Teacher's Day Gift Ideas 2021

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are looking for some gift ideas/inspiration. The trick to getting the best gift is to find out his or her hobbies, likes and dislikes. But, thinking about it now, I never really knew my teacher's likes or dislike. So, it might be a little tough to go with this advice for a teacher's day present. But no worries, I got you guys! Below is a list of unique gifts you guys can consider which, I’m sure your teacher will appreciate and most importantly, use as well.

1. Laptop Stand

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Okay, maybe this gift is a little predictable but a very useful gift. So, if you know your teacher doesn’t have it, go get him/her one. This is a must have when working long hours. It helps increase comfort and productivity. How? Well, working in a comfortable position potentially eliminates the whole back aching issue thus helping you concentrate better without getting distracted from the pain. Also, hunching over your screen over a long period of time not only negatively affects your posture but also your breathing and circulation. By having good comfortable posture, it’ll then help stay alert and productive working long hours. 

Our laptop stand can provide 6 adjustable heights, compatible with 11 to 15.6-inch laptop and tablet. Definitely easy to see and relieve pain in the spine, neck and shoulders. It also comes with a storage bag making it easy to store and carry around. Most importantly, its material includes great heat dissipation, and its hollow design allows airflow to prevent the laptop from overheating.

2. Suction Mug

Sunction Mug/Bottle

I remember there was once, I got my assignment back with a coffee stain, the neat freak in me started acting up. Oh man, I remember being so sad about it, but accidents happen. It was all good…. after a while! HAHA Good thing about this mug is that they won’t have to worry about spilling and facing the same crisis my teacher went through.

Our suction mug/bottle will not tip over if you accidentally knock into it. I’ve tried and wow it is surprisingly strong. Just lift it up straight and it will detach itself easily. Save your teacher from future spillage crisis by getting him/her this suction mug. Our suction mug/bottle works on flat surfaces such as desks and tables. It is BPA-free and leak-proof. If you rather opt for a cute simple mug instead, don't worry. We have those available too! 

3. Self-care journal

Self-care Journal

A notebook is a must have for every teacher. So you can't possibly go wrong with getting them more wrong? We have notebooks, journals and even guided journals available! A wide range for you guys to choose form. In case, you're wondering what is a guided journal, it is a jounral with prompts and questions to help guide you on what to write as a reflection or simple serves as a daily self-care reminder.

It’s very important to take care of your mental health. Studies have found that writing in a journal helps you with your sleep, gives you more self-confidence, boosts your memory and keeps you happy.

Can you imagine the stress teachers face every day? The headaches we give them every day. Haha, im just kidding. But for real though, being a teacher is not a walk in the park. They're the real influencers if you ask me. To realise a dream requires the building of knowledge and skills and the giver of knowledge is none other than your teachers! This is exactly why we should all be grateful and appreciative towards our teachers. They play a big part in our own development. It’s time to return the favour, they have been taking care of us, guiding us, it’s time to make sure they take care of themselves too!

The Kind Friend Journal is a popular bullet journal designed for self-care with well-being templates that helps you set goals, track tasks, cultivate gratitude and reflection. It includes 26 weekly templates that help you set goals, track habits and mood, and prompt you to reflect on your week. The rest of the journal has empty dotted pages too! Making this journal the perfect all-in-one journal to have.

4. “Thank you for helping me grow” Postcard

Thank You Card

What is a gift without a personalized card? I don’t know about you guys, but I personally feel that the best gifts to receive are those personal handmade gifts. Giving a personalized gift really shows your emotions, how much they really mean to you. Don’t you think so? Sometimes I’ll just read all the letters I receive, and it just sparks a nostalgic feeling. I’m sure your teacher will love it! So, make your gift extra special with a card to go along!

An interesting fact about this postcards, it is 100% recyclable and embedded with wildflower seeds. Simply plant, water and watch it grow. A very special postcard designed by Klosh. 

5. Klosh Lab for personalisation services

Personalized Services

Not a fan of writing your own letter? Don’t worry, we got you covered, We also offer customisable service! Our Klosh lab offers services such as handwriting services, sketching services, laser engraving service, customised LED, etc.  Having our own creative robot allows Klosh to create a more personalised gift for anyone and everyone. It encourages creativity and imagination allowing you guys to bring all their gift ideas to life. In times when personal contact is scarce, a handwritten note coupled with a sketch is a valuable gift.

So, have you decided the on the gift to get? Which on these gift are you getting for your teacher? We’d love to hear from you guys! Click here for more teachers day gift options!

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