The Disney Collection Series: Tips and Tricks to Wrapping a Present

Bored of the same usual wrapping style? Why not spice things up with your wrapping skills? Getting cute wrappers just doesn’t cut it anymore. You got to match it with cute stylish gift wrapping method too. Impress your friends and family with not just your gift but with the wrapping! We tried a few and look at the results! I’d give it 5 stars. It’s so cute!

This wrap style is so easy to do, it doesn’t take so much of your time.  This method is called “Kimono wrap”. I guess you can see why it’s called that. 

Alright, let's start!

STEP ONE: Place the present in the middle of the paper and pull the side of the wrapping paper over the box so it covers 2 thirds (as shown above). Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cover totally.

STEP TWO: This part may be A LITTLE tricky. On one side, fold up the edge of the wrapping paper to the side of the present, creating a triangle shape (make sure you fold them neatly on the sides, as shown above). Do the same on the other side, you should now have 2 triangles of paper on each side.

STEP THREE: Now just wrap the gift with the triangle you created. Make sure to alternate each side as you fold in the triangle (tape them to secure each side, if needed).

STEP FOUR: Here is a hack. For the last triangle, use a double sides tape instead of regular tape to have a seamless gift wrap. If you have excess paper, fold in the excess paper.

STEP FIVE: Now you’re left with one side of the gift unwrapped. Fold this side as you usually do on a box.

And you’re done! You can leave it as it is or if you wish to go an extra step to decorate your box, add in a bow, a ribbon or even a charm. Oh another hack! Don’t throw away your extra wrappers, who knows when they’ll come in handy for extra decorations. You can use them to wrap around your gift as a decoration.

Disney Gift Wrap

In case you’re wondering, these gift wraps we used is part of our latest Disney collection. Aren’t they so cute! We have prints from Mickey mouse and friends, Disney princesses, Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh. So, what are you waiting for! Get these gift wraps now before they sold out! If you guys ever try these gift wrap tricks, feel free to tag us as well. We’d love to see your version! Happy Wrapping <3

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