The Disney Collection Series: Mickey Loves SG

If you haven’t heard already, Disney recently launched a collection this August and we’re proud to share that Klosh is one of the exclusive retailers! Introducing our very first Disney collection – Mickey Loves SG! Singapore is a gateway to Asia and beyond! A young nation and cosmopolitan city brimming with possibilities, Singapore is also imbued with rich cultures and heritage that inspire us, while holding promises of an exciting future. This collection reflects just that!

Our Mickey Loves Singapore collection celebrates Singapore’s colourful heritage shophouses and other uniquely local nostalgic icons - everything that makes Singapore shiok! Our designs tells a story about Mickey & Friends, together with Chip ‘n Dale exploring our sunny island city and uncover its rich historical, cultural and architectural gems! Base on the designs, you can already guess which area is it based on. That’s right, Katong!

To be completely honest, I have never been to Katong until recently. Reading the inspiration behind these designs got me a little curious, so I did a little exploring on our own. I’ve heard about Katong and its very popular shophouses, I always thought it was just that but boy was I wrong. There is so much more to the area, truly a hidden gem. And here’s why.

Mickey and Minnie Diatomite Coasters

Firstly, the very popular colourful shophouses. You may not know it but these shophouses has a very special story. It is the visual representation of Singapore’s intriguing multicultural and architectural influences over the years. Throughout the years, the shophouse styles have changed together with the era. Despite this, there are parts that remained the same such as their five-foot way and the floor tiles.

Katong Shophouse
Katong Shophouse

Every shophouses were built next to each other with similar structure, only being separated with party walls. With that, they formed a continuous covered path known as the “five-foot way”. Reason why this five-foot way was so special is because this used to be a bustling area full of activity. It is the area where people gather to meet their neighbours and friends, shop and run errands every day. That place was their form of entertainment. The five-foot ways were usually paved with terracotta or Victorian-style square tiles. Interesting fact, our Diatomite coasters were inspired by those tiles prints. 


Donald and Daisy Peranakan Cushion


Secondly, the wide choice of local delights in the area. I wish I could try them all in one visit but that is just impossible. Can you guess where this shot was taken? It was taken in one of the coffeeshop in the area. Pretty cool right?


This coffeeshop had unique furniture, keeping its rich culture aesthetics. It is equipped with wooden chairs to fit into its Peranakan heritage. Apart from the Peranakan style coffeeshop, there are other local delights around the area as well! Food such us Chicken rice and the famous Katong Laksa etc. There are even cafes in the area selling Peranakan fusion dishes.

Wall Mural

Katong is true to its heritage, from its houses, shops and even food. Definitely a place worth exploring! Remember to bring a camera with you and keep a look out for hidden wall murals in between alleys! Enjoy

Mickey Loves SG

Mickey loves SG is our first range featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Chip ‘n Dale with Peranakan-inspired patterns. The collection includes 3 items (coaster, cushion and rug) for each character pairing. Click here to check it out and keep a look out as we upload more products into the collection. The Disney collection series is a 3 part series featuring different Disney characters every month. So stay tuned! We can’t wait to show you the rest of our Disney collection.

Click here to find out more on the participating retailers on this nationwide Mickey loves SG collection!

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