Which Disney Princess are you?

Have you done the personality test? Let’s see which Disney Princess matches your personality!

Aurora Touch Warmer Lamp1. Aurora (ISTP – introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving)

You are loving and gentle, thoughtful, and selfless. Always putting others before you. Even when upset with something, you will eventually push it away and do what is right for the sake of everyone.

Ariel Touch Warmer Lamp2. Ariel (INTP – introverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving)

You do things out of the norm, this might be because of your inventive and creative personality. And just like Ariel, you will go out of the way to find yours answers. You are always curious and will not stop till you get answers to your questions.

Belle Touch Warmer Lamp3.Belle (INFP – introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving)

You’re creative and idealistic (probably from reading so many books or shows you watch?). Your imagination has no limit. You are always open to trying new things or explore new ways. This also means you’re very observant as you analyse the situation before doing anything.

Cinderella Touch Warmer Lamp4. Cinderella (ISFJ – introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging)

You are contented with yourself; you find joy by just spending some alone time. You are very kind and is always optimistic; you value loyalty and kindness. You believe that if you work hard for something, it’ll get you where you want to be. Just like what Cinderella believe in “If you keep believing, your wish will come true”.

Elsa Touch Warmer Lamp5. Elsa (INTJ – introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging)

You are fierce but also gentle. You are independent and do not like relying on others. You have your walls around you and need some time before they can be brought down. But you don’t let that stop you from your own growth, you are forward thinking and will always find ways to get out of any situation.

Jasmine Touch Warmer Lamp6. Jasmine (ESTP -extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving)

You are stubborn, free spirited and fierce. Very impulsive but also intelligent, hardly making bad decisions. You are not afraid to voice out your opinions. If you do not agree with something, you will not hesitate to express them. Because of this, others often think that of you as mean and bossy but in actual fact, you are very warm-hearted underneath.

Snow White Touch Warmer Lamp7. Snow White (ESFP – extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving)

You’re usually described as the angel of the group. Someone they will want to protect from all the evil in this world. You are always so positive and loves sharing positive energy around.

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