Ways to stay organised with a planner

How’s your 2021 going so far? We’re left with less than 2 months before 2022! That’s insane. 2021 went by so fast… I honestly don’t even know what happened. HAHA Now that 2022 is coming, do you know what that means? It’s time to shop for your planners! If you don’t use a planner, let me just tell you, go invest in one!

Having a planner helps you stay organised. Why is this important is because, it helps decrease stress and increase productivity. Seeing your whole schedule in front of you helps you gain perspective, which then helps you to plan your time efficiently. Trust me, you’ll be motivated to do your work once you’re clear and have taken control of your schedules. It is very important not to let it control you cause once that happens, that’s when you start feeling burnt out, exhausted and overwork.

So yes, get a planner, it’s a life saviour! Here’s ways to stay organised with a planner.

Disney 2022/2023 Planner Diary

1. Set aside time to plan regularly

Like what I said earlier, take control of your schedule! In order to do that, you have to set time to plan. Yes, I know things don’t always go as planned, but it’s still good to have a ‘skeleton’ than not having any at all. Don’t leave it all by chance. Roughly know what you have and organise your time. Colour code them if you have to. It’s all about a good time management.

Disney 2022/2023 Planner Diary

2. Create a task list & prioritise them

Whenever you get a task, be sure to write them! Make sure you have a section on your planner to write all your “to-dos”. Very important because not only does it help you stay on track but it also makes it easier for you to find them and not have them all scattered everywhere. Trust me, you might not realize this but having them scattered everywhere actually have an effect on your mentality. Things will start feeling very messy and you won’t know what to do or which to do first. There is also a higher chance of you losing/forgetting about it. If you have a bigger task, separate them to smaller tasks. Remember, schedule a realistic to-do list every day. There is really no point squeezing everything in one day and then you stressing out when you can’t finish them. It’s a different story when its near deadline, BUT that’s when all the planning and good time management comes in right?

3. Schedule a “ME time”

Your planners aren’t just for work/school related matters. Include your plans with your friends and family. Don’t forget about some “ME time” too! Be sure to have a free day once a week or at least once every 2 weeks. You got to have that balance. Your planner doesn’t always have to be about work/school, add some fun to your planners too.

Disney 2022/2023 Planner Diary

This is optional, but if you have time, decorate your planners! Treat it with like a colour book, cause life is all about the colours. Don’t you agree? Or just get a planner that is already decorated for you. Did you know our Disney 2022/2023 Planner Diary, has monthly little quotes? It also have classy Disney illustrations! Don’t they look so pretty! 

Disney Magnetic Planner

Our Disney Planner Diary is pretty small so it’s easy to carry around wherever you go! Or if you prefer a planner where you can see everything at one glance, we have a dry erase magnetic planner too! Stick them on your magnetic board or refrigerator, we have it available in A4 or A5 size.

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