Decorate your space with our new Disney Homeware collection

A well-organised workspace will definitely do the trick to help stay in control and focus with your work. It sets a clear line between work and life. Having an organised space helps to eliminate any distraction and stay productive. Your entire workspace should spark a sense of motivation to be productive. So much so that once you’re seated on your desk, you’ll be in the zone.


First step to achieving this is to purge your workspace. Time to go Marie Kondo mode. Ask yourself “Does this item spark joy?” or maybe in this case, “Does this item help with work? Do I need this item here?” Remove anything that doesn’t contribute to your productivity!

Jewellery Box2. USE BOXES

Instead of just having your items cluttered on your table, keep them in boxes. For example, if you wear accessories and usually take them off while working, keep them in a jewellery case. Not only will this keep your space looking neat, but you won’t have to worry about losing your accessories. Or you can be completely creative and use this case for something else!


Some may think that this step is unnecessary but it’s quite the opposite. Organise everything on your table, your stationaries, files, to-do lists, etc. Keep track of the days and tasks with our peg board and flip calendar. Place these flip calendars anywhere you want, to decorate the space. Clip your schedule and/or to-do lists on our pegboard. Writing down all your tasks will help you stay on track with your work. Helps to stay focus!


Okay this may sound a little contradicting to the whole blog but hear me out. Being productive and focused is one thing, but to actually stay focus and productive is another. This is where the desk decorations come in. Add your favourite decorations, hang up your favourite quote, have frames with images on your desk as emotional support to get you through your day or get both with our new Disney Photo frames. It is so easy to lose motivation and even get distracted especially when work keeps piling up. Add a little fun to your desk to keep you motivated even when you don’t feel like working.

Elevate your space with these Disney Homeware Products! A beautiful and functional collection for your home/workspace. Are you someone who prefers work from home or work in office?

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