Using School Holidays Well

Exams are over.

School’s out.

You will be thinking, "So what now? How am I going to spend this school holiday?" Ditch those boring ideas because your time is worth so much more! We have compiled some interesting things to do during your school holidays!

For the artistic foodie

Love food? Love to eat? Love to draw? Attend french macaron making classes or watch youtube tutorials and get your hands on making macarons! These bite size yummies are evolving into something different these days! Gone were the days of single coloured / standard flavours, now macarons can be hand-painted with designs on it or piped into different cute characters.

For the movie lover

Go for a movie marathon with your friends! Go to a friend's house and plug your laptop using a HDMI cable to the television and enjoy a bigger screen movie.

For the young businessman

School holiday is also a good time to earn some bucks to fund your entertainment activities! Find part time jobs on newspaper or popular online job search platforms. Event-based jobs are good to work together with friends. Retail/ admin jobs are for individuals to get constant income. This is also a good opportunity to get experience in working life and to build up your portfolio. 

For the kind-hearted

Volunteer at various animal shelter, orphanage, people with disabilities. This is a very rewarding experience as you are contributing back to the society.


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