How to Destress

Everybody, regardless of age, experience a certain level of stress. How to curb your stress level before it drives you crazy?

Put on some music

Listen to your favourite music. Plug in your earpiece and enjoy it without any distractions. No idea what songs to listen? Spotify is your answer. There is many playlist grouped according to different genres and mood. From pop songs, slow acoustics to piano instrumental, pick one that fits your mood!

Treat yourself

Do you know that stressed spelled backwards dessert? Yes! Eating or drinking something sweet is soothing because it stems the production of the stress hormone. Just a reasonable portion of your favourite snack will do the trick. You don’t want to binge eating and fall sick afterwards am i right?


Long hours of looking at your phone will strain your eyes and increase the chances of getting headaches. Stop scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed. You can do this later on. Switch off your phone and take a short 20 mins nap to recharge your brain.

Laugh out loud

Stop what you are doing and launch youtube. Watch some funny videos to make yourself laugh. A good laugh is a fine relaxation technique. Laughter increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.


Drawing will distract ourselves from stress as we focused on one thing. If you can't draw, you can write out your frustrations on a piece of unwanted paper and discard it or simply just doodle something.

Get out

Leave your desk/ leave your house and get outside. Breathe in some fresh air. Spread your arms and stretch. Stretching relieves the tension in your muscles.

Before you get back to work again, here's a quote for you, "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." Loosen up, don't stress up!

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