Organising your Workspace

Take a look at your work desk now. Is it very messy? Tons of paperwork and snack wrappers? This post is for you.

Kickstart your desk-tidying task with these simple tips!

#1 Throw throw throw

Throw away useless things on the table. Throw away pens that ran out of ink. Shred away those outdated paperwork. Last but not least, throw away your snack wrappers.

#2 Invisible border

Categorize and sort your table accordingly. For example, designate the left side of your table for your notebooks, snacks. For the right side of your table, those are your unfinished work. This way, you won't mix things up and risk unable to find that important document for your next meeting.

 #3 Label 

Label your storage boxes so that you can have a glimpse of whats inside the slot. If you do not wish your colleagues to move or touch that particular item on your desk, label "Do not touch" and stick on it. This might prevent others messing up your table. Good for OCD people.

#4 Embrace white space

Keep a paper-sized free space to your dominant side as a designated space to make it easier to review or sign documents. This way you will not mix up urgent documents that needs review and other ongoing stuff.

#5 Organize your desk before you go home

Last but not least, clear any obvious rubbish from your desk (eg. Lunch boxes, sweet wrappers, tissues, unwanted paper). Make an effort to tidy up your space up so that when you come in the morning, you can get right to work. This won't take very long!

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