Preparing for Exams

Who doesn’t want to do well in exams? The process of studying for them is tiring (we know), but whether you’re currently midway through the exam season or it’s just around the corner, we all can agree that we can’t wait to finish our exams and quickly welcome the holidays. It’ll all be over before you know it, but until then - study hard and hang in there! Here are some tips from us to efficiently prepare you for and tide you through this exam season! (Who knows, there might even be some discounts waiting for you!) 🥰


1. Make sure you have a Conducive Workspace

The state of one’s workspace tells a lot about their character, but did you know that it impacts one’s productivity as well? Keeping your desk neat and filled with only the essentials for revision will ensure a clearer and distraction-free study session. But if you’re still distracted by something else - like those pesky mobile devices we love so much 😒📱, here’s something that can help!

Winnie the Pooh Desk Organisers

Desk organisers work wonders in keeping our desks looking mess-free, and these Winnie the Pooh desk organisers also make cute additions to your desks! Store anything from pens to sticky notes, and even your phones in the drawers when you want to put them away to focus (out of sight, out of mind after all)! 🥴

Disney Diffuser - Marie

Apart from desk organisation, why not spruce up your workspace environment as well? Studies have also shown that scent can improve focus while destressing oneself at the same time! In that case, choose from our NEW Disney diffusers and candles to find a scent you’d love to study to (and they come in such an aesthetic packaging too! 🥺)


2. Stock up on Essential School Materials

Now, we can’t forget our exam essentials! Remember to stock up on your favourite pens and pencils (don’t forget your erasers too) for both revision and exam purposes - we can’t be going into the exam venue with inkless pens, now can we? 😖


Miffy Memo Pad

On top of that, notebooks and memo pads are key essential materials too, as they can really play a big role to help you ace your exams! Notebooks are perfect for summarising the contents of each topic, helping you to recap what you’ve learnt while gaining a better understanding of the components you still need to work on! You can then jot them down on memo sheets for easy reference (plus you get the satisfaction of striking them out one by one once you’ve mastered everything! 😁)

P.S. Keep a lookout on our Shopee & Lazada stores for some exclusive 10.10 discounts on our notebooks! 😉


3. Plan a Revision Schedule and Stick to It

Magnetic Planner Board

Proper planning is required in order to allocate time most efficiently for all subjects, and nothing beats creating the perfect revision schedule - that is, if we actually stick to it. Our huge magnetic planner boards can help you lay out your week (or even month) properly so that you don’t forget it, and depending on which board you fancy, there could even be extra space to pin extra motivational notes or pictures! Shop yours here


4. Stay Hydrated Regularly and Take Short Breaks

Bottle - Artiart Suction Antelope Bottle White

You’ve probably heard this before, and we’re here to remind you again - REMEMBER TO TAKE SHORT BREAKS! 😠 Especially for those of you who can’t stop studying once you start, please make sure you have a tumbler or bottle with you before you start your study sessions, and constantly hydrate yourselves! (But if you don’t have one, you know where to look! ➡️ View our collection here! 👀)


If you’d like to get your kids, friends or yourselves some stationery for the exam season, stay tuned to our Shopee & Lazada platforms for exclusive 10.10 discounts on 10th October 2022! 😉 (But if you read this blog past then, then do keep a lookout for our future deals on all our platforms!) 

Until then, stay optimistic - exams are tough, but so are you! All the best for your upcoming exams, and...

❤️ Happy Studying! ✍🏻

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