Unique Treats For Halloween

Ghostly greetings from the team at Klosh! 🎃 The spooky season is here again - and while we seldom see trick-or-treats happening in our little red dot, that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying this bootiful (BOO-tiful - get it? 🤪) occasion to the fullest! 👻

Rather than just spending Halloween visiting USS’s Halloween Horror Nights, why not make this Halloween a themed one with some of your favourite classic collections? Decorate your homes and accessorise yourselves with these subtle yet unique themed Halloween gifts, and I’m sure this Halloween will be yet another occasion to remember!


1. Star Wars

Disney - Star Wars Candles

Disney - Star Wars Candle (Darth Vader)

Embrace the dark side of Halloween with one of our newer collections - our beautiful Star Wars candles! These non-toxic soy candles are inspired by the characters’ personalities, and they even come in a beautiful gift-ready box with iconic movie scenes, gold foil and glow-in-the-dark details! 🤯 Available in many unique scents AND with a super long burn time of 40 hours, they make the perfect themed fragrance accessories to use in your homes!


2. Pusheen

Pusheens are cute - there’s no doubt about that. But who says you can’t have cute accessories during Halloween? 😖

Pusheen - Halloween

While they’re not great at spooking, these Pusheen plush toys have dressed up to celebrate the occasion in their own adorable costumes - from zombies to witches to dragons! These are definitely a less scary alternative compared to the usual eerie decorations you’ll find around this time, and the little ones at home will also be able to celebrate Halloween with some new buddies too! 🥰


3. Harry Potter

Did you know? While the theme of Harry Potter may already seem fitting to Halloween, the series is actually more connected to the occasion than you thought! According to a Wizarding World article, October 31st was a special date that many events in the Harry Potter series occurred on - both memorable and terrifying ones, like the formation of the iconic trio and Lord Voldemort’s disruptions to name a few!

Harry Potter Shop

Just like how every Halloween turned out to be a surprise for Harry Potter, why not treat yourself to a Harry Potter Wizarding World blind pack and see what’s in store for you? With 6 mystery plush charms to be collected, this is sure to bring smiles to any Potterhead’s face!

(P.S. Figurines, enamel pins and many more Harry Potter merchandise are also available in our Harry Potter Shop, so do check them out! 😆)


4. Batman

What comes to mind when we think of Halloween decorations? Pumpkins, ghosts, witches.. and bats! Now here’s another classic theme that could spruce up your Halloween, featuring the popular DC character - Batman! 🦇

DC Superheroes Shop - Batman

Batman - Denim Tote Bag

Bags, tumblers, stationery - you name it! Our DC Superheroes Shop offer many exquisite Batman items that are sure to be unique and appreciated Halloween decor in any household! Without a doubt, the minimalistic design of our merch allows everyone of all ages to show them off in confidence. ✨

Batman Washi Tape

And for the bullet journalling fans out there who are planning to do some Halloween spreads, check out this cute spooky Batman washi tape that will add a fun touch to your masterpieces!


SO SO many themes and choices to choose from, and they’re all available on our online website for you to browse and purchase! 😉 Which character theme would you go for this Halloween? Celebrate this spooky season in style with your favourite character products today!

❤️ Happy Halloween! 🧙🏻‍♀️🎃

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