Aesthetic Gift Ideas for Children’s Day 2022

Calling all parents and teachers! 📢 Children’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your love than to shower your children with gifts and put a smile on their face? While we do see lots of cute items being gifted for Children’s Day in the past years (and you can still find our cute picks from last year’s Children’s Day Gift Ideas blog), trust us when we say that practical and minimalistic gifts are the new favourite! As someone who had ‘graduated’ from the children category not long ago, I realise that I tend to keep more minimalistic-looking items with me as I grow up - and I’m sure many growing children can say the same!

So without further ado, presenting to your our aesthetic gift picks for Children’s Day 2022 - ones that are sure to last! 🎁🥳


1. Winnie the Pooh Flip Calendar

Winnie the Pooh Flip Calendar

Aesthetic, functional, and has your child’s favourite Disney characters on it? What more could you ask for? 😖 This Winnie the Pooh Flip Calendar gets the job done with its huge display of letters and numbers, allowing for an easy glance of the date at wherever you place it! Unlike the usual calendars, this wooden flip calendar only comes with months and days, which makes it the perfect sustainable and eco-friendly gift that your child can use for many years to come! 😄

Wooden Flip Calendar Collection

But of course, if Winnie the Pooh isn’t your child’s cup of tea, fret not! We also have 3 other exclusive designs to choose from, starring Mickey & Friends, Disney Princesses, and Alice in Wonderland! (P.S. A little fun fact: Did you know that these stunning pieces were designed by our very own designers? 🤩)


2. Notebooks - The Morandi Collection 

Notebooks - The Morandi Collection

What can I say? You can never go wrong with notebooks! Notebooks are essential for your children to write anything and everything - from taking notes to jotting down their thoughts and ideas. If you’re looking for colourful yet simplistic notebooks, the Morandi Collection’s notebooks are just for you!

Notebook - All Limitations Morandi Collection

What’s more, these notebooks also have short inspirational quotes on the cover to motivate your child! My personal favourite is ‘All limitations are self-imposed’, which is from the All Limitations Notebook under the Morandi Collection. They are available in both lined and dotted paper, and also customisable with our KLOSH Lab’s laser engraving services! Perhaps when paired with some washi tapes and stickers, they may even be your child’s next favourite journaling kit altogether! 📝


3. 3D Wooden Puzzles

3D Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are the perfect way to improve your child’s concentration and problem-solving skills, while having fun at the same time! Nothing beats a good ol’ jigsaw puzzle collaboration activity with the kids, but why not spruce it up with some DIY 3D wooden puzzles instead? Available in characters like Woody from Toy Story to animals and many more, this eco-friendly gift can also be painted to the kids’ hearts’ content! Best part is – no glue or tools are needed, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after any mess once they’re done creating their masterpieces! 😜

Jigzle 3D Wooden Puzzle - Game Station Four in a Row

Oh, did I forget to mention that we also have wooden puzzle versions of actual games that you can play with your kids once they’re done building it? Take this Four in a Row 3D puzzle for instance, it even comes with the game pieces! SO cool! 😮


4. Miffy Plushies

Miffy Collection

Okay, I know I said aesthetic gifts, but hear me out… These Miffy plushes are SO adorable, I couldn’t resist putting these in! 🥺 Plus, what’s Children’s Day without a new fluffy best friend?

These bunny plushes make the perfect little companions, and they’re even baby-safe for both babies and children to play with! Shop our Miffy Collection here to find a wide variety of colour and material options (there’s even environmentally friendly ones as well~ 👀)!


5. Balloons 


Balloons instantly elevate the mood of any space they’re placed in, and no celebration is complete without them! With a wide collection featuring minimalistic balloons and many of your children’s favourite cartoon characters, balloons will guarantee a fun Children’s Day in style (And don’t say I didn’t tell you, but they’re now from as low as $2 for a limited time only! 😉)


While Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the children, we’ll still like to give a big shout out to all the daddies, mommies, and teachers out there for all the efforts and unconditional support you’ve given to your children ❤️ Though they may not say it often, just know that they appreciate every little thing you’ve done for them! (And seriously - who doesn’t love receiving minimalistic yet functional gifts that remind us of the ones who made our childhood so so special? 🥲 Wait no longer, snag some gifts for your kids this Children’s Day here today!)

And to the children, well.. what else to say but:

❤️ Happy Children’s Day! 👪


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