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A Bullet Journal Guide

To-do list, post-it notes, or a productivity app are some of the things we use in an attempt to keep our lives organised. Being a working adult, I personally find bullet journaling works the best as compared to the above. Simply because it is customisable based on your needs and style.

If you are new to bullet journaling, I encourage you to pick this habit up as it is a great way to increase your productivity level and is effective in helping you keep track of your personal goals. It is also a fun thing to do to get you hyped up for the week!

The Structure

Depending on your lifestyle, schedule and goals, you can come up with different formats. Today, I will be sharing on how I do mine as a working adult.

Bullet Journal Guide - Calendar

First, I will draw a mini overview of the month to signal that the pages after this page are going to be for the month of August.

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Then I will draw a bigger overview of the month for me to put in events and important dates that I want to keep track of.

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Besides the overview of the month, I will include the goal of the month and task to complete for the month like paying the bills and going for dental appointments.

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I like to track habits on a monthly basis and I think this is one of the things I particularly enjoy about bullet journaling because you are able to track your progress for the month. To do this, start off with writing all the date of a month on the y-axis of your notebook and the habits you want to track on the x-axis of your notebook, every day when you complete the action, you can either shade or place an “X” or a dot (.) in the box to record that you have completed the task.

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After we are done with the monthly overview, it’s time to breakdown the month into days. Split 1 page of your notebook by half vertically, write 3 (or more) important task that you need to complete for the day and have the action plan by hour of the day below it and repeat this format for the rest of the month!

 The Fun Part - Decorating!

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Now that we are done with the structure of the bullet journal, we can get on the fun part! If you are someone like me that is not particularly good at decorating and drawing, here’s good news for you, you can still have super cute journals. Here are 3 ways to spice up your journals.

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Bullet Journal Guide Klosh Gift Shop Singapore

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1. Use Stickers

The most foolproof way to spice up any journal with minimal effort is using stickers! Here, I have some happy planner sticker book with lots of stickers suitable for bullet journaling.

 2. Washi Tapes

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Section your pages

As we progress through the years, it is good to use washi tapes as an indicator of which page each month ends. It spices up a dull looking notebook as well!

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Mark Special Events

Using Washi tapes to indicate public holidays or long weekends are my favourite. This makes me excited for the holidays!

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If you find that your journal is too mundane, dress the corners up with some washi tape and your journal will instantly look more put together as if you spent a lot of time decorating it! If you do have more time, you can create these little flags looking border for a different look!

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3. Fun Markers

One thing that gives you journal some personality without being overboard with the stickers and washi tapes is playing with different thickness of the pens and markers. If you are into minimalistic looks, playing around with markers gives your journal some variations.

Here I am using the Four season Pentel Brush Pen and it comes in a set of 4 colours and a Japanese inspired pen holder for you to bring on the go! The pens are brush tips, its soft unlike other markers so it makes it easier to write cursive and calligraphy type fonts.

Now that you’ve learned all my tips and tricks on bullet journaling, what are some of the things do spice up your journals? What are some of your experiences with bullet journaling? Share with me in the comments section below!

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