Saving money is never an easy thing, especially when you come from an expensive city like Singapore where the cost of living is high.

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A piggy bank is commonly known as a child’s first ‘savings’ account. But as we grow older, the idea of physically owning one no longer exists. We start looking for other alternatives to grow our money. Hence, opening up savings accounts and even investing in stock markets. As we grow towards a cashless society, it is obvious how transactions have gone completely digital.

A savings account is definitely useful when it comes to storing money safely, especially for the long run. It is one of the fastest ways to grow our money and reach saving goals sooner. But let’s not trash our pigs yet, shall we?

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In late 2017, a Facebook post went viral where YouTube personality and local actor, Noah Yap, shared his achievement of saving up approximately $2,940.80 worth of coins over the course of four years. Although the coins required three bags for him to deposit them, the total amount close to $3,000 came as a bonus for his Tokyo trip the following week.

So why own a piggy bank? Here are some reasons why.

Collect Loose Change

Most of us find it a hassle to shop with loose change, let alone carry it around. With more designs of sleek and slim wallets coming in trend, some have even chosen to omit coin pouches entirely as notes and credit are much easier to handle.

However, loose change is still something we all have to spare. In fact, if you are one who chooses to ignore loose change, you'd be surprised how much it could actually add up to.

No Piggy Bank Fees

Some banks may even deplete your account with maintenance fees which can cost more than what you earn in interest. With a piggy bank, you have cold hard cash ready to use whenever you need it.

See It Grow

Never underestimate the potential of loose change. With a piggy bank, you are physically able to visualise and monitor your stash grow every single time you feed it.

Who knows? Just like Noah, your next overseas trip might be closer than you think.

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                    Morandi Coin Bank Collection                                 


A piggy bank is definitely one of the best ways to organise your loose change. Simply put, it ensures great savings with minimal effort.

With our latest collection of coin boxes, KLOSH can help ‘zhng’ up your saving process! Featuring five new designs for you to choose from, let us be a part of your savings journey, making it a fun and enjoyable one.

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