Keep Cool in Summer

For us, it's Summer all year round in Singapore. Although we have our almighty air-conditioner, we are still complaining about the heat. Here are some ways to keep cool without spending a bomb on your electrical bills!

Choose cotton

Cotton is breathable and protects against from heat in the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air between the fabric fibers. Get light-coloured bedsheets as lighter colours are good insulators of heat, thus keeping you cooler.

Get an icy breeze

Put a bowl or cup of ice in front of your fan to create the ice cold blast of wind that is better than turning on your AC. Trust us on this, it's magic.

Portable Fan

It's a common sight to see mini usb fan plugged onto phone. While this can drain the phone's battery, we recommend you to get a mini handheld fan! They are very handy and useful in humid places such as carnivals, pasar malam or outdoor event. Time to feel the wind in your hair!

Icy treats

Bring on those popsicles! What's summer without colourful fruit popsicles? Make your own popsicles by juicing out watermelon (this fruit has cooling effect), throw in some chunks of berries and freeze them away! 🍉🍉


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