Back To School Essentials!

It's a new school term! While most of you guys are dreading this, some rejoice over it because they can see their beloved friends in school. Whether you are the former or latter, let's gather our energy and study hard. Read on for tips that can't be found in your ten-years-series textbook! 

Writing essentials

Cramping too many things in your head can drive you crazy. For effective learning, you may want to start creating your own notes from your revision. Jot down notes while listening to the lectures for faster recap. At Klosh, we have many pretty notebooks for your note-taking! 

What a wonderful idea A4 notebook

Believe it Achieve it A4 notebook


Planning essentials

Make it a good habit to plan. There's this saying, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  List down your academic goals Have an overview of your tasks for the week to keep you going!

Checkout these from Klosh:


Weekly to-do list (Pink)

This month's plan of action tear off pad

You got this Planner

Do not procrastinate

This is something we have all been guilty about. While we know that studying can be boring at times, why not spice it up with your favourite playlist and snacks! Choosing the right environment also impact greatly on the effectiveness of your mugging session.

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