What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Travelling to unwind our minds. Travelling to celebrate an occasion. Travelling for work purpose. Travelling just to wander around. We have many reasons to travel across the globe, or within our own country. We have travel with many different people, such as our friends, school mates, colleagues and family. So how many types of travelers have you encountered? Let's find out! 

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1. The *Kiasu one

*Kiasu is a Hokkien word that means afraid to lose out.

This type will pack EXTRA clothes, extra everything, because they are afraid to miss out anything and lose out. You can count on them for emergency needs.

2. The Instagrammer

This type of people will kill you if you eat before their camera eat. They take photos everywhere! From scenery, to food, to ootd, they will not miss out any great photo taking opportunity. Good thing is that you can have nice photos at the end of the trip.

3. The Bargainer

Cheap deals are their favourite deals! They will disappear into the market and bargain their way out. Follow them to save some bucks or even get freebies.

4. The Wanderer

The one that get lost, the one that finds it hard to understand a map, the one that gets confused with the messy subway map.

5. Last minute packer

Last but not least, the last minute packer. They think they have a lot of time, but rush their packing and panic when they can't find their passport. Uh oh.

 After knowing the different types of travelers, have you identified the type that you or your buddies fall under?

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