Journaling for Millennials

With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all been stressed about finances, the future and just life in general. With so many things to worry about, it’s time to slow down and take things easy. Millennials in particular have been stressed most of the time during this period, and one way to help is through journaling! Journaling has been shown to help physically, mentally and emotionally. If journaling isn’t for you, you can always start off with a simple planner! Here are 4 types of journals and planners that will help you to feel a little less stressed.


#1 Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling, also known as BuJo, is a popular method of personal organisation designed by designer Ryder Caroll. Just take a quick look at the #bujo tag on Instagram and you will find thousands of beautifully designed bullet journals. You too can start your bullet journaling journey with the Terra B6 notebook! With clean blank pages, you can design to your heart’s content.


NOTEBOOK – TERRA B6 , $22.00


For the more tech savvy, you can try creating a digital bullet journal! The Rocketbook Everlast allows you to save all your physical writings and drawings to the cloud. Simply using a damp cloth, you can wipe away your scribbles and start writing a new page!


Notebook - Rocketbook, $56 - $69
Available in various designs and colours


#2 Guided Journal

Not ready to start your own journal? Fret not, guided journals are just the thing you need! Guided journals provide prompts for you to start journaling without needing to rack your brains. Simply start with the My Bucket List Journal to begin your journaling journey! This guided journal includes prompts for you to write about your trips and experiences. It comes with a back cover pocket for you to store all your precious mementos. As Covid-19 eases up, you may complete this journal faster than you think!





As you start 2021 afresh, why not practice a little mindfulness daily? It will help you to destress and reduce anxiety significantly in the long run. This "Just Breathe" journal is a great baby step to encourage yourself to slow down, breathe, and gather your thoughts.




Another guided journal perfect for starting with is this A Daily Dose of Happiness Journal. With quotes and verses, this journal will keep your spirits up as you recount the little experiences that made you happy each day.



#3 Planner

Planners are an essential to keep our lives on track. An alternative to journals, planners also help you keep track of a day’s activities! By keeping organised, you will feel more in control of your life and less stressed. This 2021 Monthly Scheduler is great for bringing around as you work your way through the day. Keep your appointments organised with a mini monthly planner like this!


Planner 2021 - 18 Months Classic Happy Planner® Ink Splash,  $59.90


Like to plan things week by week? A weekly planner is what you need! Grab yourself this Weekly Scheduler in Black with Gold Illustrations to keep your plans in check. You can scribble down notes as well to keep all your memos in one place.




Tear off planners are handy when at home or in the office. You can scribble down memos and when the week is over, tear it off and start afresh for a new week! It is just that easy! With a range of designs, you can pick up any one of our tear off planners here.

An environmentally friendly option for the socially conscious millennial is the magnetic planner. Simply scribble down notes with a whiteboard marker and wipe it off once you are done. A basic one would be this A5 size Magnetic To Do List Planner. You can find more magnetic planner designs here!


#4 Calendar

Last but not least, the good old calendar. Calendars keep you organised and on task for the future. With a fun calendar like this 2021 Clean Grid Calendar, you will never lose track of your plans again! This calendar includes a yearly plan page for you to map out your goals for the year. Each month of the calendar comes with a to do list and memo section for you to note down important details.

2021 CALENDAR – CLEAN GRID - $ 22.90

If keeping notes is not your thing, this Boho Rainbow Wooden Perpetual Calendar with Holder is all you need! No pens or papers needed, simply turn over the wooden blocks to switch the dates. It comes with side drawer for you to store little trinkets or keepsakes.



Journaling can be calming and relieve decision fatigue. Keeping your thoughts organised is the best way to keep yourself on task and a little less stressed. With our collection of planners and journals, shop your stress away now!


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