7 Easy Steps to Home Organisation in Preparation for CNY 2021

Are you feeling dreadful to do spring cleaning every year? To tidy and organise all the stuff accumulated over 365 days within a few days or weeks can be a laborious job. But I have found a wonderful way that totally changes my feeling towards tidying and decluttering my space!

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This organising method is PROCESS created by orgjunkie. It lays out the exact order of what you need to take to organize a space effectively. With this method you be less overwhelmed and frustrated as you are working on how to organising your stuffs.

Organisation of a home or personal space is a process rather than a destination as mentioned by orgjunkie. Your responsibilities and needs changes throughout the different stages of life. When you found your first job, got married, your body size changes and became a mother. This organisation method will help you to take control of your stuffs rather than the reverse.

If you are experiencing some chaos at home then PROCESS is a series of actions that will bring some order back into your chaotic life. It is a system that is designed to maintain your needs easily.

P.R.O.C.E.S.S essentially means

P – Plan of Attack

Plan your organsation project before you start and ask

R – Remove Everything

O – Organize into Piles

C – Containerise and Systemise

E – Evaluate the System

S – Solve and Simplify Issues

S - Smile


#1 Plan of attack

It is important to plan the purpose and how to re-organise your space. First decide what area you want to tackle next. Look around your home and think about what areas/rooms are causing you stress. What areas immediately make you cringe when you see them? Which area/room has you so overwhelmed you simply close the door and walk away and avoid the space altogether?

Now with this cluttered area in mind, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I want this space decluttered and organized?

There is not much incentive for getting organized if it is just something you feel like you are supposed to do. Having a specific purpose for the space or having reasons such as saving time and energy to give allowance to do the things that you enjoy rather than spend on tidying your mess regularly are all effective motivators. Generally, people will find time for the things they are motivated to do.

  • Why is this space currently not working, why is it overwhelming you?
  • What is in this space is working well? Hence, do not need to fix what isn’t broken.
  • What habits do I need to change to solve the organizational problems?
  • What kind of timeline can I dedicate to this space.
  • Can you devote a big chunk of time to getting it done or will you need to break the space down into bite size tasks that can be done over several days or weeks?

A monthly tear off planner will help you plan the amount time to be allocated to the task, actions to be taken each day and monitor your progress.

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Turn your fridge into your smartest assistant ever that will help you stay organised and stay on top of your decluttering progress.

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#2 Remove Everything 

Empty the space completely so you can start from a clean slate. This is much more effective than just shuffling everything around. Removing items from where they have previously been stored will give you a fresh perspective on the space you want to organise.


This enables you to re-evaluate how you want the space to look. You cannot do this when it is cluttered up with stuff. It is also tough to rearrange furniture when the clutter still exists in the space.



If you are working on a wardrobe, pile your clothes up on the bed. If you are working on a drawer, dump it out on the floor or counter. You get the idea. Emptying a space makes the next step so much easier to do.


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All the decluttering may create dust in the air and tend to make us sneeze! An efficient, sleek, and silent air purifier will make this process more endurable.


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The Sqair gives you the cleanest air per dollar of any purifier in the world, and it’s quieter too. On high, The Sqair sounds like soft rainfall, yet provides more clean air and costs less.


#3 Organise into piles

Once you’ve removed everything from a space, it’s time to organize it. This step involves sorting and purging.

Prepare five boxes or bags and label them donate/toss/sell/keep/repurpose. Sort similar items together, this will allow to see clearly what you own excessively. For those items which you think can repurpose you can refer to our blogpost on DIY & Upcycle Ideas

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Now it is time to purge! This step is not for the faint of heart and is probably the most difficult for many. But it is also the most essential part to truly part ways with the clutter and chaos in your space. Now is the time to purge excess and everything you no longer love and use.

Also toss the items you’ve been hanging onto out of guilt or obligation. Let someone else love it by gifting it to a thrift store.

Remember, the more you purge the less you have to find a home for them. Don’t bring it back in to think about later. Deal with it before it goes back into the space. Make a decision and move on. Don’t second guess yourself, it will only slow down the process. Stay true to the purpose of your space!


#4 Containerize and systemize

Now that you have purged your items and you are ready to put it all away again. This is the time to utilize some storage solutions like bins or baskets and wire shelves and storage bag to maximize your space.

You can also try selling your items but be sure to add a deadline (attach a post-it note with the date to remind you) because the longer the items hang around you may tend to forget about it totally.


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In this step, you’ll also want to set up systems to help you manage your things on a daily basis. Perhaps introduce a new routine to your day and put it into action and help you keep track of everything. Get creative! Discover a system that works for you.

We have some home accessories that will give you ease in tidying your space in no time!

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This desk organiser will create a conducive work environment as you work from home during this period of pandemic.

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You can always think out of the box when organising a space. Convert this pen holder into a lip gloss, mascara and eyebrow pencil holder with a memorable photo on your vanity desk!

#5 Evaluate the systems

After spending time in your newly organized space for a couple of weeks, it is time to evaluate if it is working for you. Are you using it in the way that hoped to? Are you able to keep up with the system in place? A good system should be easy to maintain and work for you and your family. If it is not, figure out why.


#6 Solve/Simplify any issues

“Don’t organize a space for the person you wish you were, organize a space for the person you are right now.” --- orgjunkie

If the new organisation system does not work for you this round it does not mean that you have failed. A simple adjustment to the solution or your expectation may be all it takes for it to run smoothly.

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Display an encouraging quote from Marie Kondo or other famous celebrities on an easel letterboard to stay motivated on the PROCESS of decluttering!

#7 Smile


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Give yourself a pat on the back and smile brightly for working so hard to declutter and reorganise your space. You know you deserve it! Don’t skip this step. You worked hard so it is important to take a moment to really be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished.

We hope you will enjoy organising your home after following these steps. Happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays to you in advance!





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