First Day of School Essentials

As the year 2021 approaches, it also means that school is starting! The first day of school can be daunting, meeting new people in a new environment. With these essentials, you will be more than prepared for the new school year! Here are some selections from our Back To School collection that will make your school year more exciting.

# 1 Pencil Case

The first thing we take out from our bags in school is our pencil case! If you love food, this pencil case is the perfect one for you! Fun and whimsical, the pencil case features a local dish, the Otah (also known as Otak-otak). Keep your stationary organised with this eye-catching pencil case!

First Day of School Essentials Pencil Otah | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 2 Stationery

With a pencil case, we need some stationery to keep in it, right? A basic stationary we should all have is the classic pencil. This set of 5 pencils come with a twist. They are scented! Each pencil comes in a different scent and they are made of recycled newspapers. With these scented pencils, all your papers will have a fruity fragrance!


First Day of School Essentials PENCILS GAMER SMENCILS 5 PACK | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 3 Notebook

Scribbling notes is part of a day’s work in school. This notebook is the ideal companion for all your note taking! Available in lined or dotted pages, you can use this notebook to jot down notes or to start your own bullet journal. With its compact A5 size, you can bring this notebook anywhere around with you to keep track of important details throughout your day.



Notebook - Rocketbook Everlast Executive A5 in Light Blue,  $56
Available in various colours and sizes


Create. Scan. Erase - An Endlessly Reusable Digital-Physical Notebook. Pair it with the Rocketbook app to connect to all of your favourite cloud services - Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, or Email.

Check out how to use this innovative digital notebook here!


# 4 Water Bottle

As the school day goes on, we cannot forget to take a sip of water. A water bottle is essential for you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day! With a capacity of 20 oz (approximately 567 ml), this Que Bottle is great as a water bottle for school! The water bottle is collapsible and lightweight, making it compact and convenient for bringing home when it is empty. With its wide mouth, you can even drop an ice cube or two to keep your water cool on hot days!

First Day of School Essentials Que Bottle 20oz (Forest Green) | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 5 File / Binder

Keeping your papers tidy is a task on its own. Before the papers pile up, you should start storing them in a file! Keep things fun with this A4 ring binder with an illustration of the world map. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy for geography studies?

First Day of School Essentials Ring Binder World Map | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 6 Planner

Having a planner on hand is great for keeping track of important dates. Every student should have a planner like this Weekly Planner! This planner is great for noting down important dates like test dates, or even birthdays. With undated pages, you can easily skip non-busy weeks without wasting paper. The alternate lined pages are also handy for writing down memos or notes.


Frist Day of School Essential Weekly Scheduler | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 7 Bookmark

As the books to read pile up, a handy bookmark is ideal for keeping track of your last read page. This quirky bookmark shaped like a lamp is the Lightmark Lamp Bookmark. Its 3D shape makes it easy to spot as well. The bookmark comes in three colours: red, grey and white. With the Lightmark, you can now shed light on your last read page!

First day of School Essentials Lamp Bookmark Lightmark | KLOSH Stationery Shop



# 8 Desk Pad

An important item we all should have in our homes is a desk pad. A desk pad protects our tables from accidental stains and markings when we write or draw. With this Pusheen Desk Pad, you can dress up your study table too! Featuring Pusheenicorn, the adorable illustration on this desk pad will brighten up your desk while protecting your table.


 First Day of School, School Desk Pad Pusheenicorn in the Field | KLOSH Stationery Shop



Let’s welcome the first day of school with these unique and fun first day of school essentials! Check out our Back To School collection for a wider selection of curated items that will bring cheer in the year to come. Here’s to a great start of the new school year!


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