Choosing Candle Scents

Imagine going back home or visiting a place that smells nice. We instantly feel better and more awake. Scent surrounds us and transports us to other places and has the power to inspire and relax us as it alters our perception of the room. A good scent plays an important role in business too. Retail shops or shopping malls that have a signature smell leaves customers an impression or memory of the place.

So how to pick the ideal scent for your space? Whether your goal is to make your room feel bigger and brighter or intimate and cosy, read on for some tips to choose stunning fragrances to reinvigorate your space and bring it to life.

 #1 Mood and season

To create the unique feel to your home or store, you need to choose a scent that can create the feel. For example, light, fresh and citrus scents are perfect for spring and summer. Woody scent with hints of sandalwood, cedar, moss and patchouli will create a natural feel. Light floral scent such as lavender, japanese blossom and rose will be great for a feminine-designed space. 

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#2 Lasting power

If you plan to have the smell linger for all day long, try getting a diffuser instead of candle. Candles are best for short hours of burning duration. Get a candle to create the relaxing vibes when you are reading a book or scrolling your instagram after a long day of work.

#3 Decorative item

Candles are a great decorative ornament for your space. Choose the colour of the candle or the design of the candle holder to spice up your boring table or room.

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