Children's Day Gift Ideas

Children’s Day is just around the corner! Regardless if you are a teacher looking for cute items to gift your students or a parent planning a treat for your kid, here’s a few gift ideas that sure to excite them!

children umbrella
  1. Children Umbrella

With the unpredictable weather lately, you’ll never know when is it going to rain. So first on the list is our children umbrella! Do not worry, these umbrellas are safe for children to use. There is no sharp point, spring-loaded for easy opening and it is super light (if you’re wondering, its only 0.210kg!).

children backpack

  1. Children Backpack

Does your kid insist on carrying his/her own bag? Well then, this would be the perfect gift. Our children backpack have padded shoulder straps and padded back for comfort. I know kid’s always have their clothings or items dirty, fret not, you just have to wipe it with damp cloth to clean! One less thing to worry about. These bags are available in 10 designs. Not to brag but one of the designs got nominated for the Junior Design Awards 2021 in UK! ;) Check them out here!

children lunch bag

  1. Children Lunch Bag

It is important to make sure children have a healthy meal every day! Healthy lunches have proven to help improve a child’s academic performance, providing them with the nutrients to better develop cognitively. Well, we all know this but having the kids actually eat them is another story. Maybe having a really cute lunch bag can help? They’ll be looking forward to having lunch with their new adorable bags. Our lunch bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, it is also foil lined to ensure insulation. Keep their meals fresh for a longer period!

greeting card

  1. Card

What is a gift without a written card? We have cards suitable for all occasion! We even offer handwriting service if you have a lot of cards to write and have no time to do them. Don’t worry, we understand the struggle. Opt for our Klosh Lab personalised services!

Children’s Day is definitely a holiday young kids look forward to! We have more gift choices to choose from! Fill their day with fun and joy, with our Children’s Day gift ideas that will take your kids’ eyes off smartphones for a bit. Happy Shopping! 


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