Covid-19 Stay Home Survival Tips

Now that all the entertainment locations are shut down and social gathering discouraged to cope with the Covid-19 situation. Some may find staying home boring and in the long run, unbearable. While for the introverts you find that you are trained for this moment for most of your lives.

For those who have an aversion towards staying in, here are some survival tips that may help you to breeze through this period.

#1 Start an indoor hobby – Scrapbooking

Do you enjoy taking photos with your mobile phone or DSLR or maybe you have a digital album of photos from your last vacation trip? It is the best chance to make a scrapbook keepsake album with these photos! If you have dabbled with scrapbooking in the past, now you can revisit this hobby again.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to record stories of different moments of your life. Have you ever realised that your BFF remembered your grad trip experience differently? Or your partner can’t seem to get your first date details, right? Well, that is because memories change over time. With a scrapbook, you can look back and read exactly what you thought or felt at that time with your scrapbook. It might be nostalgic or make you cringe but either way, it will take you back.

It is a hobby that can help you to feel thankful and reflect too! As you create the scrapbook, you will reflect on these happy memories


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#2 Play a game or two with your fam

Is screen time always at the top 3 on your list of things to do? Now that you have the whole weekend and maybe weekdays too if you are working from home. Why not set aside some time to play some card games with your fam? You can relieve some stress and let your eyes rest!

Did you know that card games provide several benefits to our emotional and mental health? Card games keep our minds active, boost concentrating, and offer a social outlet all of which are key factors in a happy and healthy life.  There were several studies researched on the benefits card games have on mental health. In 2014, the University of Wisconsin-Madison carried out a study that found playing card games can help people stay mentally sharp in old age, as reported by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

It is also a great way to practice logical thinking. In most card games you cannot rely on guesswork. Instead, you must think carefully about which cards the other players are holding and change your strategy during the game.

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#3 Experiment new drinks recipes

Recently a new trending iced milk caffeinated drink has been popping up on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. It is named as Dalgona Coffee by the netizens and was recently shared on a popular online publication.   


Blogpost Covid-19 stay home survival tips dalgona coffee

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This atas looking iced milk coffee is topped with a thick frothy has changed how people coffee at home. It can be easily made with instant coffee, sugar, water and milk. One of our designers has attempted to make this trendy drink. To make the thick frothy coffee requires to whisk it for at least 20 mins (depending on the speed and strength) manually. What’s best is that you can try this out as you binge on “Crashing Landing On You” via Netflix or YouTube videos within the comfort of your home. 

For those of you who don’t drink coffee, no worries we have a list of healthy smoothie recipes shared in our previous post: Juice Up for Immunity Boost for you to experiment as breakfast or in between meals snack too!

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#4 Declutter and get organised

Staying in a cluttered home on most days can affect our stress and anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus.
It can also make us less productive, triggering coping and avoidance strategies that make us more likely to snack on junk and watch online drama or videos. This situation will have an adverse impact if you are working from home this period!

Decluttering of our home may seem like an arduous chore for some of us. So here is a step by step method to clean and organise your space that you can try during the Staying at Home period.    

The F.A.S.T. method.

F: Fix a time. Set a time and day to do clean-up! It can be an individual or family affair if the whole family is involved then scheduling a suitable time for everyone is important and make attendance mandatory! Set aside a Saturday or a Sunday, or a few hours every day, to start the process.

A: Anything not used in 12 months. Face it: If you haven’t used an item in the last year, it is highly unlikely you really need it or that you are going to ever get enough use out of it to justify it cluttering up your home. Take the plunge and get rid of it! Ask yourself these questions as you encounter each piece of clutter:
• Do I use this?
• How long has it been since I’ve used it?
• Will I use it again?
• Is it worth the space it takes up in my house?
Remember: The objective is to get stuff out of your home, not to move it into another room. You will be amazed by the sheer volume of unused and unneeded items in your home. Don’t spend time inventing reasons to keep these things.

S: Someone else’s stuff. It’s bad enough when clutter is your own, but it is totally crazy when the clutter belongs to someone else. Your house should not contain anything that doesn’t belong to you. If it’s something you’ve borrowed, give it back. If you’ve ended a relationship, now’s the time to let your ex’s belongings go.

T: Trash. The trash can is your friend. It is your very hungry friend. Take pride in how much you throw away and make it fun. Compete with your family members to see who tosses the most or award a prize to the best purger. Remember the goal: You only want to keep the amount of stuff that makes sense for your space. Alternatively, you can separate it into piles that can be recycled or repurpose.

Check out these drawers that beautify your space at the same time helps you stay organised!

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