Temporary Physical Store Closure Notice

In accordance with the circuit breaker measures implemented by the government to curb the further spread of the coronavirus, we are closing our stores from 07 April to 4 May 2020 

Our web store, www.klosh.online is operating as usual but our fulfilment period will be extended to at least 7 business days. We will be back on Mondays to pack all the beautiful merchandise that you have ordered online. 

We wish to express our gratitude to those of you who are working in the essential services to help the rest of the Singaporeans. But if you are working from home and wishes to create an inspiring space for your new home office, we are here to welcome your orders on our web store. On the other hand, if your work is suspended, please STAY HOME, STAY CALM. Do take this chance as self-care period and spend quality time with your family! For starters, check out our recent blogpost, Covid-19 Stay Home Survival Tips  

After these four weeks of absence, may we grow stronger, healthier and happier! Only your individual effort can help curb this spread. See all of you on 5th May! 

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