4 Common Myths about Embroidery

I know that many of us would rather just buy embroidery designs off from the market, instead of just picking up the needle and start threading on our own! But before you start saying that you have no time or no money for embroidery, wait a minute! Here are some myths that we are going to explore that might help to change your mind about it.

Myth 1: You must be naturally creative and talented to do embroidery art design, and that's not me!

Fact / Reality: We are all creative by nature. What differentiates us from others is the level of practice we consistently put in to master the art of crafting! Personally, I feel that the trick is to go out more often and explore the world outside so we can expand our horizon and imagination. Who knows, maybe you could just gain some inspiration from soaking yourself in the beauty of nature outdoors and come back with a few designs in your head. That is surely a good head start for anyone doing embroidery, be it beginner or not! But what's most important by far is definitely having the perseverance and determination to work on your art and master the crafting skills. It does not matter that you have to be perfect, what matters is you improve continuously, day by day!

Myth 2: Embroidery is as simple as putting some fabric in the hoop, loading some embroidery thread in a needle and pushing a few buttons. Why bother learning it?

Embroidery Stitches

Credits: Sew Beautiful Facebook

Fact / Reality: To be honest, even though embroidery looks relatively simple and easy to do, trust me the process is not!! It requires a lot of patience and skill to embroider a design successfully. Ha, you might think that's all. But wait! There's a ton of different types of hand stitches applied during embroidery and a huge amount of effort spent on design planning and preparing the necessary materials and outline for the design. You might not see it, but each piece of completed embroidery artwork definitely took a lot of blood, sweat and tears from the sewing artists themselves! Of course, this does not come without all the years of practice and learning. By taking up workshops and classes on embroidery, you get to constantly challenge yourself and equip yourself with new and advanced craft skills. Even for experienced sewers, there is also no such thing as perfect, hence there is always a room for more improvement for everyone!

Myth 3: Embroidery art is boring and unpractical. I see no point in doing it!

Sew Beautiful | Klosh

Fact / Reality: As mentioned earlier, you would understand how hard it is to complete an embroidery project. After all the painstaking days or weeks, wouldn't we all be thrilled to see our designs coming to life?! *screams in delight* That sense of satisfaction you get from being able to see your completed art work and feeling your hands through the fine threads... it motivates you to pursue even more beyond your limits! It also helps you to de-stress while taking a break from your busy schedule. What's more, each piece is handmade and fully customized by you, which makes it a great personal gift to people who mean the most to you! You can freely express your emotions and thoughts through this work of art and deliver them to your loved ones, in a physical form. This makes a great alternative to the usual handmade cards or letters we usually do too! Once entered into the world of embroidery, you will find that there is so much more to explore.

Myth 4: I'm interested in learning embroidery, but it is just too expensive :(

Klosh Sew Beautiful Embroidery

Fact / Reality: You can first start small by attending beginner classes on embroidery. Once you have acquired the basic stitching skills, you can easily transfer them over and start on small projects by yourself. This means that you can always choose affordable materials for yourself to work on and sew it according to your own budget. Some might be hesitant to this idea, but second-hand equipment or old pieces of cloth work fine too! Just keep the passion burning and you'll eventually find that there is always a way for everything.

So there you have it, the top 4 myths revolving the world of embroidery. Don't let any of these deter you from learning it! Even though it may seem hard to pick up at first, it will get easier the more you practice it. Everyone starts from somewhere, so just take your time to learn it at your own pace. 

Do you now feel like picking up this hobby that is sure to be rewarding and satisfying in time to come? Or do you feel inspired by the beautiful artwork designs seen in the photos above and want to make your very own one?

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