Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

It’s finally that time of the year again, where we get to enjoy those delicious round mooncakes! 🥮 With the moon believed to be the brightest during Mid-Autumn Festival, otherwise known as the Mooncake Festival, families come together for dinner and bonding activities, like those walks we took with our special lanterns when we were kids!

Mid-Autumn Festival lives in the hearts of many, and while most of us look forward to spending the day just like any other year, why not spruce it up this year with surprises for your loved ones? Here are 4 special things you can get this Mid-Autumn Festival to make it a night to remember! 😊


1. Winnie the Pooh Touch Warmer – Your New Home ‘Lantern’

Winnie the Pooh - Winnie Botanica Touch Warmer

Nothing says Mooncake Festival like lanterns! Lanterns of all shapes and sizes are carried during the festival, symbolizing beacons that light our path to prosperity and good fortune. In that case, why not gift your loved ones a permanent home ‘lantern’ to guide them to success?

Winnie the Pooh - Winnie Kindness Touch Warmer

Our NEW Winnie the Pooh Touch Warmers provide a cosy ambiance similar to paper lanterns, and you can even enjoy fragrances from it too! (plus it’s flame-free!) Don’t worry - we’re not asking you to replace those magical lantern walks under the night sky, but why limit yourself to just that, when you can bring that same magical experience (and much more) back home as well?


2. Mini Celestial Moon Planter

Mini Celestial Moon Planter

Now who could forget the MOON in Mooncake Festival? While you can’t shrink and steal the moon just like Gru did (Despicable Me fan anyone? 🤭), you can grab yourselves your very own gold celestial moon (planter), and even plant saplings of love in it to spruce up your house decor for your family gathering!


3. Love You to the Moon & Back Cards

Card - Love You to the Moon & Back

Cards may seem like a small gift, but they go a long way in making your loved ones’ day! These ‘Love You to the Moon & Back’ cards are extra meaningful during the Mid-Autumn Festival, because what better way to show your appreciation to your family members & significant other than to gift them a card filled with love and memories? 🥰


4. Family Games

Card Games


Jigsaw Puzzle

What’s a family gathering without playing some games? We all love to play a game or two with our fam, and a reunion under the moon calls for just that! We offer a wide collection of card games that you can play with your loved ones, and if you feel that loud, interactive games just don’t suit your family’s vibe, we also have quieter options like puzzles! Explore them here!


So what are you waiting for? Get your surprises ready this Mid-Autumn Festival with FREE gifts* on us today!

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❤️ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 🌕


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