Handwritten Message


A handwritten card evokes a feeling of being valued and stands out from any digital or printed communication. Where we might ignore emails, e-messages and phone calls, letters warrant being opened at the very least. Nothing beats the power of handwritten mail. Research shows that some 99 percent of recipients open and read a handwritten mail. 

We also help businesses harness the power of handwritten mail to build stronger relationships with their customers and to drive growth.

You can choose from one of KLOSH's pre-created handwriting styles, or have the robot write in your unique handwriting style. KLOSH robot writes with real pens and use AI to mimic human handwriting styles so that every message looks authentically written by hand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michele Foo
Not as pretty as I would have liked

The original font I chose couldn't be used and I was restricted to using 2 fonts that weren't that pretty and didn't really look like handwriting. I wish we could have chosen the colour of the ink (only blue is allowed) and that the paper was thicker. The card used was pretty flimsy and lightweight. But at S$2, you can't ask for much, I guess so it's good value in that respect.

Paul Adams

Felt scammed, it's not hand written. It's printed, especially being sent a message to pay and additional 2 bucks since the checkout process didn't capture it

ande lai
Handwritten card at a affordable price.

I ordered a card for my wife and chose handwritten. As I was not able to choose the fonts I left it to Klosh. I was a little disappointed with the layout and the type of fonts used. It would be good if I could choose the font and the layout. The wording were on the top of the left hand side leaving me no space to write. Usually the top will be the receiver's name and button is the sender name. Anyway if I can specify the layout it will be good.