Your 2021 Father's Day Guide

We understand how finding a Father’s Day gift is notoriously difficult. It does not help that when we ask them what they want, it is either “nothing’” or “really nothing”. But do not worry, that is what we are here for! This gift guide is everything you need for Father’s Day. From Fit Dads to Working Dads, we’ve got you covered.

 1.Avana Beckridge Bottle

Does your dad always carry his handy water bottle with him? If your answer is yes, why not give him an upgrade with our durable and high-quality Avana Beckridge Bottle? This Avana bottle is everything you need. It is designed for everyday utility with a leak-proof twist cap and retractable carry loop, and also features Triple-layer vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps your drinks cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours, condensation free.

 Avana Waterbottle

 2. Chest Bag

 Bags are one’s extension and convey your personality! This NIID x UrbanNature D1 Bag is not only stylish but is built for comfort and organisation. If you love compartments, this is perfect for you.  It comes with a dedicated magnetic front pocket for your phone, a quick-access pocket on the belt for your transportation cards, the main compartment, as well as a security back pocket for wallet or card protector. Not only that, but its unique 3D structure will also ensure that your bag stays slim and well fit to the body even after being loaded with items. Perfect for any day out!

 Chest Bag

 3. RFID Leather Card Case

You might think giving your dad a cardholder is lame because that's what you give him every year.  But let us help you stand out this year. This RFID Leather Card Case from Klosh is not your normal card case, because it is a cool card case. Made from premium Saffiano leather and stitched by experienced artisans, this real leather cardholder not only feels soft but looks great. It is also equipped with advanced RFID blocking technology that protects your valuable personal data.  It just gets better and better!

 RFID Leather Card Case

 4. Corkscrew

 After a long day at work, one of the best ways for dad to relax is having a glass of wine. Spice up his drinking sessions with this fancy BottleTie Bananas Corkscrew can make even the most ordinary wine bottle look elegant. Its design is so unique and elegant, just like the shape of his work tie! As they say, give to impress.



 5. Photo Frame + Sketch

A personalised Sketch in a Frame makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. Dads may be difficult to get gifts for but we are sure all dads will love this one! At Klosh, personalisation is easy. Our Klosh robot can sketch anything for you, illustrations of all kinds.  Let's give our dads the best gift and something he will remember forever.

 Photo Frame - Dad

Whether you purchase a small meaningful gift, make something for him or even a phone call to wish him a “Happy Father’s Day”, we are sure all of these will make your father’s day and will nonetheless have a big impact. Show you care and make this Father’s Day the best one yet for your dad!




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