Meet the team behind Klosh, but with a twist!

We asked the team which BT21 characters best describes them and here are their answers.

Starting with the founders of Klosh, Alan and Shermaine!

1. Meet Shermaine

Chimmy & RJ

Hi, I’m Shermaine and I am the co-founder of Klosh together with Alan. My role in Klosh is multi-faceted. It involves heading the design team to prepare new collections for launch and working closely with our marketing team to bring the collection to life. I also coordinate closely with our suppliers to ensure that our products are of good quality to bring to market. I also handle other roles for the front-line stores that include administrative, operational, financial and merchandising matters. 

I am an RJ at heart. I love watching cook and travel shows on weekends or at night to destress and occasionally, think about the meals to whip up for the family on weekends. My favourite shows on Netflix include "Nadiya's Time to Eat" and "Somebody Feed Phil". I also love eating and are adventurous to try most new foods or cuisines (except live squids). On the outside, I am a Chimmy too. I work and play hard and am compelled to strive for my best. For plush, I love Chimmy the best as it suits my personality, and it is bright, cheerful and super cute!

2. Meet Alan 

Tata & Van

Hello, I’m Alan. I’m in-charge of Business Development which includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships, making strategic business decisions and by embracing innovations. I would say I am a mix of Tata and Van. I am a hands-on person who loves problem-solving by using different techniques and creative approaches to tackle a problem from various angles. I am a dreamer who prefers the more adventurous paths. To me, it's more about the journey, not the destination. In my leisure time, I love to play tennis and to spend quality time with my family.

Now, to the rest of the team!

3. Meet Yvonne


Hello, my name is Yvonne. I am the merchandising and operation executive, I fulfil online orders, create new products, do wholesale and reply to customer enquiries. I am the longest employee here in Klosh and I’m really proud of that. I’ve been in this company for about 13 years now. Interesting fact, I actually started working in one of the physical stores before I moved to the office. Guess you can say, I know the ins and outs of Klosh since I’ve worked both front and backend. I think the character that best describes me is Chimmy, someone who is pure at heart. I love to sing, listen to music and play badminton. I really enjoy the simplest things. But right now, the main focus of my free time is my 2 beautiful kids. Help them study and afterwards enjoy as much time with them, squeeze in a few family bonding activities when have free time.

4. Meet Sayra


Hello, I’m Sayra! I am the administrator of Klosh, I handle mainly reports, invoice and delivery orders. Personally, for me, Mang best describes my personality because of both my mysterious side and my love for dance. Although, I may come off sociable, outgoing and friendly. I am, however, still an introvert at heart. I like to keep things to myself, I do not reveal much about myself and can be quite shy at times which I find is very similar to Mang who is known for being the mystery dancer. Putting it in another perspective, I guess you can say I can be confident dancing alone in my room but when in front of people, I shy away.

5. Meet Raymin


Hi I’m Raymin! I’m currently working as a graphic designer in Klosh. I have designed products for Klosh which I am very excited for you guys to see in future. I can’t really say much about it now, but the team and I have been working so hard for this upcoming launch and I can't wait for you guys to see it. Anyways, enough about that. Aside from designing, I really enjoy baking and going for walks in my free time. I guess that would make me a Koya. I am constantly sleepy and yawning as well so that adds to it. Though if we’re comparing physique, I do not have removable ears, his dark circles are spot on!

6. Meet Tracey


Hi, I’m Tracey! I am a Product & Graphic Designer, so my main role is to design social media images and our website, as well as come up with new ideas for products! I have always loved art related things since I was young, from art to performing arts, and it's not rare to find me randomly humming to myself.

The character that best describes me is Shooky because I share a love for pranks and am always up for pranks especially on my friends! I found out how much fun pranking could be in my first year of university during a game of 'Angel & Mortal', where I did a few 'high-level' pranks that my friends were so surprised at. I thought that it was normal to do pranks on that level, hence was taken aback when everyone was so shocked. I'm sorry to all the friends who fell for my tricks. HAHA

7. Meet Kylle


Hi, my name is Kylle and I am the Marketing Executive. I handle Klosh social media platforms and anything marketing related. I love hanging out with my friends, but I also like staying at home doing nothing so I’m not very sure what that makes me. I love dancing and have been dancing since I was in secondary school. Recently, I got into working out too. Been working out more than usual and honestly that still surprises me till today. Not going to lie, I thought it’ll just be a lockdown phase but I'm glad I still managed to continue with it. Guess I can relate to Cooky in that sense because of my perky personality and boundless stamina to keep up with my active lifestyle.

So, there you have it, that's us! Want to know which BT21 character best describes you? Don't worry, we got you. Try our quiz here to find out! Have fun!

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