Why Christmas Is So Special

 Ho Ho ho! Christmas is coming! find out what make Christmas so special and why we should enjoy and celebrate it! 


#1 Winter Season

It is not always that we enjoy the cold breeze of air together with the snow white snow. Christmas is one of the few holiday season that has winter season at the same time! Perfect for snowball fights, skiing, riding a sleigh, snow man and a lot more! Although some countries do not enjoy this season, a lot would travel to a country with a winter season during Christmas just to experience it! It is truly wonderful.



#2 Christmas Holidays

 Another great thing about the Christmas season is that it is a holiday! Which means no work and no school! Isn't that great? You can enjoy Christmas to the fullest without worrying about your work or your studies. Of course you have more time to spend with your family to and enjoy and celebrate Christmas together!



#3 Christmas Parties

Parties are great! So is Christmas! Combine these two and you have the best party you can ever imagine. Christmas parties are the best because of the Christmas snacks and food such as ginger bread cookies, specially cooked ham, roasted turkey and many more! However, nothing beats the main purpose of Christmas parties which is the spirit of togetherness whereby you and your family or friends gather and spend this special day together.

#4 Presents!

Of course the best thing about Christmas is receiving as many gifts as you can from friends and family, however, nothing beats the act of giving as Christmas is the season of giving. It is better to give than to receive as it will make you feel so much better. With this in mind, do check out our latest Christmas give away, details about the give away will be found on our Facebook page at Klosh. We would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas and all the best for our Christmas give away contest! 

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