Indoor Plants

Want to grow plants in your homes but you are always too busy to take care of it which would lead the plants to die on you? Indoor plants are the best thing for you! It requires a way lower maintenance and responsibilities to be taken care of. It also have some beneficial factors that could be of help to your health. Here are some Indoor plants that you can start with in your homes.


#1 Aloe Vera

The only time that you have probably heard of this plant is on your skin products and some might even be on drinks, smaller aloe plants will be perfect for tables and side table decor as well, you can just put them in a small pot. They require very low maintenance so you will not have to worry about it dying on you! You now have a plant and a decor at the same time. You will only have to water it once a week, but make sure that the spot where you placed it receives a lot of sunlight.



#2 Snake Plant

This plant will suit any corners of your homes! It can also serve as a divider of your spaces at home and of course, this plant is also very good as a decor at the same time. You have to put it in a modern or stylish pots to make it stand out not only as a plant but as a decor at the same time. You will not have to worry about it growing all over the place as its leaves grow upright. This plant can grow in different lighting conditions, however, you have to make sure that the soil and air around it should be dry.



#3 Cactus

This is probably the most common type of indoor plant that everyone has or used to have, and this is due unique shape and texture, flair and modern appeal that will give your home or room an overall interesting touch. Indoor cactus does not need much sunlight to survive unless you want them to bloom a flower, also you have to keep the soil dry and make sure to water it at least twice a week. 

These indoor plants are perfect for you if you want to take care of plants and have a home decorations at the same time! Not only is it easy to maintain because of its unbelievably low maintenance as compared to other plants, but also due to the fact that it gives your space a whole new dimension of designs.

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