Top 5 Father’s Day 2020 Unique Gifts Ideas

“When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” – Unknown

Isn’t it true that a father is a hero in the eyes of his children? He is the handyman at home, the breadwinner, the protector, the one who taught you how to ride the bicycle and encouraged you when you are feeling down. So much of his effort and love has given to the family.

Celebrating Father’s Day this year will be completely different from pre-COVID-19 days, nevertheless, the hero of the family still deserves a unique gift in return for his hard work and love! We have chosen the top 5 gifts from our Father’s Collection, which are out of the ordinary and will make your dad smile!


#1  Boss of The Family

Rain or shine, he is the one who makes sure that there will be food on the table, allowance in your pocket when you are young. Or does he have a long -time dream to be a businessman, a boss? Give your dad the encouragement he deserves, by gifting him The Boss Desk Plaque.

I think I'm The Boss Plaque Father's Day Gift Idea Klosh Gift Shop Singapore


Desk Plaque -  The Boss


#2  Handy Man of The Family

Daddy is commonly seen working with his hands, building, measuring, writing, or drawing? This multitasking construction pen can be used as a ruler, screwdriver, pen, and stylus too! Ain’t it amazing? Simply perfect for the amazing dad!

 Ballpoint Pen Multitasking CONSTRUCTION black Klosh Gift Shop Singapore

Ballpoint Pen - Troika Construction Multi-Tool


#3  I.T. Geek of the Family

Is he Steve Jobs in your family? Setting up the wifi router, solving all tech problems at home and always know the best tech gadget to get? It is the time to give him this urban survival card, KableCARD! Everything he needs in the size of a credit card. It contains the function of having 6 types of cables, SIM card storage compartment, memory reader, mobile phone stand and what’s better a wireless charging function! Your dad won’t be able to resist using it!

Kickstarter KableCARD Klosh Gift Shop Singapore


Handphone Accessories - KableCARD (Black)


#4 Workaholic of the Family

Even the all serious dad needs to let off some steam at times.  Sitting long hours in front of the laptop working from home can be dead tiring and stressful. The World Smallest Punch Bag will do your father some good by doing a simple workout at his desk, destress and have some fun!


World Smallest Punching Bag Klosh Gift Shop Singapore

Toys - World Smallest Punch Bag


#5 Foodie of the Family

He will never live one day without satisfying his taste buds. When he has the chance, he will treat the whole family to the best Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak in Singapore? Now that everyone must stay home during circuit breaker period, it is the best time to learn to cook his favourite dish for dear foodie daddy! What’s more interesting is to serve it on these plates with the design of Singapore popular local delicacies.

Nasi Lemak Recipe Plate Klosh Gift Shop Singapore



Recipe Plate - Nasi Lemak


The above are our top 5 Father’s Day unique gifts, there are so many more gift ideas we wish to recommend to you! This Father's Day we are offering free gift tag and wrapping service to all Father's Day gift order. Simply include Promo Code: "Father's Day" upon check out.


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