Things you didn’t know about Rilakkuma, Pusheen & Miffy!

With our Rilakkuma promotion going on, we will be introducing our fellow fuzzy friends so we can all get to know them better! I’m sure we all know who Rilakkuma, Pusheen and Miffy are, but do you know their backstories? For instance, what do their names mean? Or why does Rilakkuma always has a zipper on its back? 🤔 In this blog, we will be sharing some of their fun facts which you didn’t know about!

Miffy 🐰

When Dick Bruna (Creator of Miffy) began sketching Miffy, he decided he would prefer to draw the bunny in a little dress, instead of a pair of trousers, and so Miffy became a little girl bunny. When Miffy was first created, she looked a bit like a fluffy toy with floppy ears, but from 1963 onwards, she became the Miffy we know today, with two pointy ears and little chubby cheeks. Miffy is drawn in a graphic style, with minimalist black graphic lines. Bruna chose to only use black, white, the primary colors (red, yellow and blue), green, orange, brown, and gray. It is his main use of primary colors that makes Miffy instantly recognizable, and also popular with kids, because of her bright yet simplistic colors. 😍



Top: First illustration of Miffy ( 

Bottom: Miffy now (

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We even have Miffy’s pet dog, Snuffy, in yellow! 💛

Lastly, this elephant in corduroy grey! 🐘


Pusheen 🐱

Pusheen’s name is based upon the Irish word for a kitten, puisín. She loves snuggles so if you are looking for some cuddles and hugs then she would be perfect for you! 💕 You can see Pusheen in various versions and hobbies! There’s plenty of choices to choose from but if you can’t make up your mind, here’s some of our most loved versions!

This 6 inch plush version of Pusheen brings her adorableness on screen pop to life in a vibrant green pastel colour with a cute embroidered heart accent. 💚

This 9 inch plush features Pusheen as her pterodactyl persona complete with purple wings, tiny talons, and an angry expression, but we all know she’s really a sweetheart! 😈

Featuring Pusheen’s adorable little sister, Stormy, who seems to be making a splash! This cute plush brings the magical Pusheen mermaid to life, featuring an embroidered pastel tail and adorable starfish bow. 🧜‍♀️


Rilakkuma 🧸

Last but not least, we have Rilakkuma, our friendly yellow bear. Rilakkuma stands for ‘relax bear’, and if you didn’t notice, he has a zipper behind his back. The zipper actually indicates how Rilakkuma is wearing a bear costume, which makes him even cuter! Why does a bear need to wear a bear costume? No one knows. We do know that he likes to listen to music and watch TV, so if you need a companion to stay at home with, he would be a perfect fit! Here are some of our favourite bear in various costumes!


This Rilakkuma dress in a summer lemon costume is so adorable and huggable! It will brighten any Rilakkuma fan's day. 🍋

This Rilakkuma Soft Toy Blossom (30cm) has the perfect shade of pink! It’s even holding a dango (aka one of Rilakkuma’s favorite food). 🍡


We even have Korilakkuma, Rilakkuma’s friend, in a mochi version! He is perfect for snuggling while you’re at home or on the go! 🤍



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