Sumikko Gurashis' (cute) Self-Introductions 🥹💜

Pssst... Recognise these characters but don't know who they are?

Our shy little Sumikko Gurashis are finally introducing themselves 🥺 ! Known for living quiet and solitary lifestyles in their favourite corner, this self-introduction is extremely rare!! (It can also help you decide which cutie you want to bring home or gift!) 

Let's sit in and listen :) Featuring the characters in our adorable 'Mochi' form

First up, we have Shirokuma!Shirokuma is a white polar bear with small brown eyes and nose, it migrated south to avoid the cold. Shirokuma feels most calm while drinking hot tea in a corner and likes to draw! It also loves to bathe in Hot Springs, and has an easygoing personality.

Penguin?, you're next!Penguin? appears as a green penguin, but it does not actually know or have proof if it is really one... However, it does have faint memories of being carried down in a stream, and having a plate on his head. Penguin? likes eating cucumbers and watermelons, it also likes reading and listening to music. It is always the last Sumikko to arrive at the corner to lunch.  

Okay, Tokage you're up!Tokage resembles a light blue lizard with dark blue scales on his back, it also has a tan/bright yellow oval on his stomach. He has a carefree personality and a deep love for fish. Tokage was separated from his mother at a young age, but thankfully reunited later on. It often has nightmares that if it told its friends his true identity (of being a dinosaur), he would be captured by a mysterious man in a suit and hat.

Next, Tonkatsu you can do it!Tonkatsu resembles a fried pork cutlet covered in batter. It has light, crispy and tan skin that makes it stand out from the rest of the Sumikkos. Tonkatsu is the edge slice of fried pork cutlet that was left on a plate after a nice long meal. Hence, he is desperate to convince people that he is still edible by putting a lot of condiments on itself...

Neko, it's your turn! ...... um Neko?Neko is a chubby calico cat, with a small tail with a beige ring around the top. He is quite timid and socially anxious. With this, it fit right into the rest of the Sumikkos. Neko loves rice balls, cat grass, canned food and fish. He became friends with Tokage instantly, as Tokage would help him catch his fish. It scratches the walls of the corner when sad or nervous. 

Last but definitely not least, Ebifurai no Shippo!!Ebifurai no Shippo resembles the leftover tail of a fried shrimp. He is always determined to tell others to finish their meal completely, and loves sauces and cookbooks. Too hard to eat and often left unfinished, Ebifurai no Shippo and Tonkatsu are best friends who understand each other very well. 


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