Room Makeover Hacks

Here are some quick ways to transform the room of your dreams – without burning a hole in your pocket!

Hack #1 Print out those photos

Photography captures the most memorable moments in life, and they should not stay merely on Instagram or in the corner drawers of your room. Display your favorite snaps featuring your loved ones with our Clip It photo hangers (p.s. they are on sale now)!

Hack #2 Create your cozy corner

Everyone needs some ‘me’ time and what is a better way to spend it than chilling at your personalized cozy corner? Customize your cozy corner with these 3 simple items – a cute mug to contain any beverage you desire, a scented candle for some aroma therapy, and a cushion for you to cuddle.

Your favorite beverage, checked. Your favorite scent, checked. Comfortable snuggly cushion, checked. Now you’re all ready to chill for a night in!

Hack #3 Include an element of nature

Nature’s gift can instantly transform the looks and feels of your room; try branches and twigs for Scandinavian chic style, pastel flowers for a sweet and girly vibe, or leaves and vines for a rustic feel. Plus point: you won’t even have to spend a cent on these decorations!

Hack #4 Give old items a new look

Furniture occupy the most space in a room, heavily influencing the vibe that it gives off. Oh no, does it mean your old furniture that do not align with the new theme must be thrown away? Fret not! Simply give them a new look by adding a new coat. For instance, new bedsheet for the bed, new wallpaper sticker for the wardrobe, etc.

There you have it! Grab those items and start building the room of your dreams now!

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