My Dream Home & Tips

How do you define a home?

To Hollywood celebrities like Johnny Depp and Kylie Jenner, their homes may be a symbol of their success and social status. To the Syrian refugees, their homes may simply be a place where their basic physiological (availability of food, clean water) and security needs are met.

To most of us, though, home is more than just four walls and a roof over head – it is a feeling – a place of comfort, warmth, and love to return to after a long day at school or work. Home is where one can truly be oneself, thus, its interior design is often a reflection of personality.

So how can you showcase your dream home? Here are some tips!

#1 Choose your style

The style of your dream home determines the micro factors which will be mentioned later. Hence, it is paramount that you choose a style which you will love for a prolong period. From Nordic to industrial style homes, there are hundreds of styles for you to choose from. Surf the Net for inspirations and take your pick!

#2 Choose a color scheme

The color palette plays a pivotal role in determining the looks and feels of a home. For instance, blue signifies calmness and tranquility, white signifies purity and simplicity, while yellow signifies vitality and energy. The color scheme should also be complementary to your chosen style. For example, rustic style homes should stick to warm, brown tones. So, which color suits your dream home best?

#3 Maximize your space

In Singapore, the growing population density and smaller households lead to the rise of shoebox units. To give an illusion of a bigger living space, consider these – choose light colors for ceilings and floors to elongate the height, use mirrors as their reflections create an illusion of spaciousness, and opt for smaller and shorter furniture so that the space looks less cramp.

#4 Mix it up

Moving to a new house can break the bank even before fully furnishing it. Save some bucks by mixing it up – old and new, expensive and budget. You can reuse old, basic looking furniture since they do not deviate away from the style of the new home, and invest in big and statement pieces of home décor. For those on a budget, platforms like Taobao and Qoo10 offer affordable and pretty home décor that come in a myriad of styles!

#5 Give it some personality

Besides furniture, decorative items can be added to make your home truly unique! For example, our LED light frames come in a wide variety of meaningful quotes that represent every type of personality, not to mention it is a pretty touch to add a little brightness to your room! For the artsy fartsy, art canvases are a great way to spice up those plain walls, and just like the light frames, they come in a wide variety of styles and life quotes too!

With the above tips, we hope that you are now one step closer to living in your dream home. No doubt home décor makes up a big part of a home, what is more important are your family members who live in it! Don’t forget to show them some love today!

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