Know Your Wall Better

Do not know much about your very own wall decorations? Here are some types of wall decorations that you might have but do not even know of it! 



#1 Wall Murals and paintings

Paintings and wall murals are the wall decorations that requires a bit more hard work, time and sometimes even costs more. Even though its quite troublesome to put this on your wall, the final result will be very drastic as it can completely transforms a room's atmosphere!



#2 Wallpaper and Paint

The wallpaper and overall paint color of the room sets the tone for your room and it also gives your wall a different kind of texture according to an individual's personal preference. Wallpapers also come in many different styles, colors and patterns, which gives you the option to be creative too!



#3 Quotes Wall Art

Quotes wall art are more of the common pieces that your households should have as it is a very simplistic and easy to put up on your wall as you can just hang it. These quotes will also serve as  a reminder or a source motivation for you when you see it. You can even print your own quotes and frame it up to be your very own wall decor. This is how easy and versatile this wall decor is!



#4 Art Prints

Art prints are probably the most common piece of wall decor an individual have on the walls of their households, due to how easy it is to get and own one. Similar to the quote wall art, you can also print your own art prints and frame it up! It will also be cheaper for you and at the same time, you will have the exact art print you want.

I hope these wall decoration types has given most of you ideas on why YOU should win our Wonder Wall competition and stand a chance to win Wall Decorations worth more than $50! All the best!



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