How To Study For Exams

Feeling stressed out and don't know how to prepare for your upcoming major exams? Here are simple tips on how to help you ace that exam paper!



#1 Give Yourself Enough Time

The key doing well for your exams is to manage whatever little or much time you have so that you will be able to maximize it and do as much as you can within that much time. Always give yourself enough time to prepare and study as much as you can for your exams so that you will not panic at the last moment and then blank out. By giving yourself enough time, you will be able to discover new ways to do certain things while studying too!



#2 Choose Your Study Space Wisely

It is very important for you to have a conducive and productive space to study in, as it will affect your mood and mindset while you are studying. Find the most suitable space for you study and make sure that you are productive yet comfortable but not too comfortable as you might slack off if you find it too comfortable for you. 




#3 Practice Old Exam Papers

Using old exam papers to practice for your upcoming exams will be very useful as you will be able to gauge the kind of questions that would be coming out, and you will not be so shocked when you see a question that you have yet to see as you might have already encountered it in the old exam papers. Thus, doing old exam papers are very useful as it helps you get used to the type of questions that might come out.


#4 Form A Study Group

The more the merrier! This goes to how you study as well. By forming study groups, you will be able to share your knowledge with one another and help each other solve a questions and learn from each other's unique method of solving problems. This will also at the same time an enjoyable experience as you will be together with your friends instead of studying by yourselves.



#5 Take Regular Breaks

Even though you are so focused on getting things done while studying, never ever forget to take a short break in between! This is very important so that your brain will not overload with all the things that you have been studying. By taking a mini break in between, you are letting you brain process the information that you have just learnt and make you understand it better! Taking a break ain't that bad after all right?



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