Christmas Origami

Making origami is never easy, but making it for the right occasion and the right mindset will make it very enjoyable and a fun experience for everyone! Especially during the Christmas season which is the best season of the year every year! 




#1 Christmas Tree Origami

Christmas tree is one of the essentials of Christmas, therefore when it comes to making origami during the Christmas season, making a Christmas tree origami is an essential as well. There is different difficulty level when it comes to the folding of each designs, so if you are a beginner, make sure to start with the easiest ones! Once successfully done, it will be a great home decorations for you to put in your homes to welcome the Christmas season merrily! 



#2 Santa Origami

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is here! Even though he might not come and visit you this coming Christmas day, make him yourself! It will definitely feel as though Santa Claus has really visited you even when you have not been such a good boy or girl yourself, you will still get to see him and receive your Christmas gifts! You can use this origami as a home decor as well or tie a couple of them together and make it into a banner to be hung around your respective homes.



#3 Lucky Stars Origami

These cute and irresistible little origami called 'lucky stars' are very easy to make! Made using strips of Christmas wrapping paper or colored paper. They would look great tied onto strings and hung up around the house or on the Christmas tree as a Christmas decorations for homes. You can also make a bigger version of this and put it on top of the Christmas tree as the Christmas Star! 

The great thing about origami is that you can keep reusing them for years when taken care of properly. You can bring this out every year as a reminder of how much fun you had while making it with your family and friends! 




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