Christmas DIY Ornaments

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! The happiest time of the year is nearing once again! Most of us would be drying our wallets out for presents and Christmas decors and will not have enough for new years. Well, here are some Christmas ornaments and decorations that you can do yourself using everyday home items without spending so much! So you can have the merriest Christmas and the happiest New years you can have.



#1 Water-less Snow Globe

Snow globes are one of the most beautiful decoration and gifts during Christmas, due to its miniaturized Christmas scene that is usually very pleasing to the eye specially when the "snow" seems so real when you shake it, and sometimes, snow globes even produces music too! To create your very own snow globe without the use of water, all you need is an empty jar, a mini Christmas tree and fake snow or shredded Styrofoam. Make sure to glue some of the fake snow or styrofoam all over the jar to have that snow effect and then glue the mini Christmas tree to the lid of the jar then put all the fake now or styrofoam all over it. Then there you have it! Your very own snow globe! 



#2 Christmas Tree Star

What is a Christmas without a Christmas tree right? Most of all, what is a Christmas tree without a Christmas tree topper which is the star of the whole tree? Most of the time, these Christmas tree star will cost you quite a plenty full! Fret not, because you can make your own by just rolling up pieces of colored papers of your choice into cones shape and glue them to at card board. Not only will you be able to save lots of money, but you will also be able to personalized how you want your star to be!



#3 Christmas Bunting Banners

Bunting banners are a very versatile and trendy Christmas decorations because it comes in different designs and it can be put all over your homes and even all over your Christmas tree as well! Make your own by simply, cutting triangle shapes out of scrapbook papers or designed papers, punch two holes on the top corner then bring it all together by tying it up with a string or a piece of twine. There you go! you have yourself a wonderful Christmas decor! 



#4 Make Your Own Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is one of the most essential things that each households should have when it comes to Christmas season, and I have to agree, it is not that cheap. However, it does not always have to be a "tree" you can make your own Christmas "tree" by simply picking up some branches wash it and make sure it is clean, then put it on an empty bottle then decorate it with Christmas ornaments to make it look more like a real Christmas tree! 

Christmas is the season of giving, here at Klosh we celebrate the act of giving as "Giving an attitude" is our tagline thus, we take it to heart that giving and helping others will always be one of our utmost priority.


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