18 Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas For Teachers & Parents

We must admit that it has been a tough year for both the adults and children, shifting to home-based learning and unable to play with their friends as much due to social distancing restrictions. According to a recent survey as reported by The Straits Times that 7 out of 10 schoolchildren feel negative about their upcoming school exams.  Generally, schoolchildren are experiencing test anxiety.

But let’s not get all gloomy about the situation! Parental and teacher support can do wonders in mitigating the negative effects of test anxiety. This give reasons for teachers and parents alike to treat your kids and students to fun and unique gifts on the upcoming Children’s Day! It will boost their mood and hopefully motivates them in their studies.  

Goodie Bag for Students

Children's Day Goodie Bag Klosh Online Gift Shop Singapore

Notebook - Keep Going Keep Growing Morandi Collection, $4.90, Miffy Memo Pad, $4.90, Miffy Sticky Marker, $4.90, Llama Gift Bag Small, $2.90

Running out of ideas on what to give to your students? We have a few affordable and beautiful items that will delight your students! Grab our affordable Morandi Collection notebooks, , which are going on promotion, Buy Any 4 and Get 1 Free 1, sticky memo pads and stationery are really useful for any schoolchildren. Then pack your gifts in a cute gift bags, with llama illustration prints.


Educational games to keep kids’ off smartphones

Are your kids spending more time than necessary on mobile games like minecrafts?  Protect your children from eye strain with these creative card game, puzzle and toy.

Pandamonium Card Game Children's Day Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Card Game - Pandamonium, $20

Pandamonum is fun and educational that helps Kids to improve their visual discrimination and memory skills as they pay close attention to the pictures on the cards and the gestures of other players. Plus, they familiarize themselves with some of the many musical instruments that make up an orchestra.


 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Africa Animals Children's Day Gift Klosh Gift Shop Online

Jigsaw Puzzle - 3D Africa Selfie 500 Pcs, $19

Did you know? Doing puzzles can be considered a complete brain exercise since it exercises both the right and left sides. The right oversees creativity, emotions and intuitive thinking; and the left is the logical, objective and methodical side. It improves the player’s spatial reasoning, memory, IQ and problem-solving ability too. Our 3D jigsaw puzzles come in various designs from Africa to ocean animals just take you pick!


Flying Bird Children's Day Gift Idea Klosh Gift Shop Singapore

Toys - Original Flying Bird 400mm, $32

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused most of us to stay indoors to practice social and physical distancing. For some of us, working remotely, watching Netflix day and night during weekends, buying essentials online, and generally staying at home 24/7 have been the new normal. But prolong hours of staying indoors may cause your body screaming for Vitamin D. Take some time off screen and enjoy the outdoor with your kids while playing this original flying birds is an ornithopter. The ornithopter was first designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490, it will be a great inspiration for your child or even spark interest in science!


Gifts For the Dinosaur Hunter

Are dinosaurs your kid’s latest obsession? They just cannot stop binging on the Jurassic Park Movie Sequels. If your little ones have a strong interest in these prehistoric animals, then it may be that they are an extremely smart child. A study by the University of Indiana and the University of Wisconsin, suggests that the child's level of interest can lead to enhanced perseverance, improved attention, and enhanced skills of complex thinking, such as the processing of information. Keep your child’s interest alive by getting them these dinosaur night light and toy!

 Night Light Mini Dino Children's Day Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Night Light - Mini Dino, $11.90


Astro Dino Torch Toy Children's Day Gift Ideas Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Toys - Astro Dino Torch, $15.95


Gifts That Help Your Child Stay Organised 

Does you children misplace stuffs often? Get them some useful planner and accessories to help them organise their assignments and belongings better.

Weekly Planners can do wonders in staying on top of their tasks and homework. Here is a special deal that you should not miss! Klosh weekly planners are $10 now till 4 Oct 2020 only. So get them while stock last. 

 Children's Day Special Weekly Planner Toucan

Weekly Planner – Toucan, Special Offer $10, U.P $14.90
Planner Today's The Day Holographic Children's Day Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop
Planner - Today's The Day Holographic, $10
Pink Rose Lanyard Children's Day Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop Singapore
Lanyard - Pink Rose, $10

Gifts for Teens

Figuring out the likes and dislikes of teens can be a tough, something uncommon will surely make them feel special!  Find the perfect gift for your teen from our collection of accessories, which are designed by local independent talents. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement as they strive for their academic best? A simple gift such as this enamel pin can give her the addition confidence boost that she needs.

Everything Will Be Ok Enamel Pin Children's Day Gift Idea For Teens Klosh Online Gift Shop

Enamel Pin - Everything Will Be Ok, $15


Instant noodle teen fans will dig into this Nissin 出前一丁 (Chu Qian Yi Ding) 2 in 1 tissue packet holder comes together with a coin pouch.

Nission Tissue and Coin Pouch Children's Day Gift Idea For Teens - Klosh Online Gift Shop

Coin Pouch - Nissin Tissue, $16.80


Does your teen have a bubble tea check list? Well, then this pin will be perfect for him or her. 

 Bubble Tea Enamel Pin Children's Day Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Enamel Pin - I Love You Like Bubble Tea, $15.90

Is she a follower of NASA Instagram account? We have something that suits her! This spaceman rocket wood earring is made from sustainable wood. It is eco friendly, unique and cool! Another brilliant gift is our waterproof vinyl spaceman sticker that can be used to personalise her laptop.

 Earrings Spaceman Rocket (Wood) Children's Day Gift Idea for Teens Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Earrings - Spaceman Rocket (Wood), $16 


Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Space Children's Gift Idea Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Waterproof Vinyl Sticker - Space, $5.90


 For the bullet journaling teen fan, we have collections of journals and washi tapes for she will find it fun to use!

 Terra A5 Notebook Children's Day Gift Idea For Teens Blogpost Klosh Online Gift Shop

Notebook - Terra A5 , $24


Feeling inspired on what to get for your children or student now? For more Children's Day Gift Ideas visit here



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