12 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Know someone who has just gotten the keys to his or her dream home or first apartment? It is undeniably a great milestone in anyone’s life to own their first home. Hence, an occasion that worth celebrating with gifts!

As you go on a hunt to find the best gift to welcome them to their new home, you will want it to strike all the right notes — something thoughtful, functional and suits their home style. Won’t it be so much easier if you have a list of recommended best housewarming gifts to choose and get inspired? Well, lucky you, with everything from essential items to help them fill out their kitchen, to that art frames they never knew they needed, we have gathered a collection of beautiful yet practical home decoration that will bring warmth to where it is needed.

The Foodie Homeowners

Let your gift be a sweet reminder to him or her never to leave home without a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning! This quirky kitchenware will make cooking a breeze for beginners and the morning mad rush.

egg poacher float best housewarming gift - Klosh gift shop home decor Singapore

Kitchenware - Eggland Egg Poacher

Just crack an egg, let it float, and have a bright start to your day!

quirky space potato masher best housewarming gifts - Klosh gift shop home decor Singapore

Potato Masher - Space Masher

Fancy a potato or avocado mash? Have fun mashing with your family and kids with this easy to use space masher.

hazelnut nutella cushion best housewarming gift - Klosh gift shop home decor Singapore

Cushion - Hazelnut Spread

We have yet to meet anyone who does not love Nutella! The foodie homeowner will definitely love this cushion.


The Work-From-Home Homeowner

Now that working from home has become the new normal, making your home office space comfy and conducive is crucial to stay productive throughout the day.

Sitting in front of your laptop for long hours can strain the back muscles, this Rilakkuma mochi cushion will be a back saver. 

Rilakkuma mochi back cushion best housewarming gift blogpost - Klosh Gift Shop Home Decor Singapore

Rilakkuma - Mochi Cushion 14"

As a heavily-urbanised island, Singapore’s overall air quality is affected by transboundary air pollution from smoke haze from land, forest fires and vehicular gas emission. The Sqair, air purifier will be a wonderful gift to help the new homeowner to regulate the air quality at home. 

Air puritifer The Sqair Best housewarming gift - Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

The Sqair


The DC Superheroes Fan Homeowners

Is your friend a Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman fan? Help your friend create a DC Superheroes secret base right at home by getting these dining wares and home decoration to add on to his or her collection!

Wonder Woman Lamp Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Wonder Woman - LED Lamp


Batman Door Hanger Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Batman - Door Hanger

The Flash Cork Coaster Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

The Flash - Cork Coaster


The Free-Spirited Homeowner

Does your friend oozing with boho vibe? Every bohemian natured homeowner enjoys surrounding themselves with art and objects that represents memories, and friends. Give her an art frame that reflects her style and reminds her of you!

Wall Art Frame Sun Rise Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

White Square Frame - Sun Rise


Boho Wall Art Frame Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Matt Gold A3 Frame - Boho Woman Portrait


The Retro Homeowner

Does your friend owns a nostalgic retro interior design home? Then the perfect housewarming gift can be a home decoration that reminds him or her the old Singapore.

Banana Leaf Serving Tray Marble Pattern Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Serving Tray - Marble Pattern

The old school homeowner will surely appreciate having a retro looking serving tray to serve food and drinks to his guests.

One can also imagine him or her sitting in the living home happily sipping Kopi or Teh from this nostalgic old school canteen looking mugs.

Singapore Inspired Sketches Enamel Cup Best Housewarming Gift Home Decor Shop

Enamel Cup - Singapore Sketches


Good Night Mug Best Housewarming Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Mug - Good Night

The Hodophile Homeowner

To deprive a homeowner who loves to travel from going on an adventure can

really feel depressing. Cheer your friend up by giving one of this canvas and posters that will make anyone feel like they out of Singapore!


Framed Poster - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Canvas Italy Coast Houses Klosh Gift Home Decor Shop Singapore

Canvas - Italy Coast Houses

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