5 Things every Girl Boss need

We all want to be that girlboss like Sophia Amoruso. Someone who is kind and nice but also firm. Someone who is independent, confident, hard-working, and motivated. An inspirational figure. Yes, I know it’s not easy, but one can dream right? Ladies, it’s time to work on those dream.

Rather than sharing how to be one, we’ll be talking about essentials every girlboss needs. Because just like how outfits give you the confidence boost, the items you have completes the whole vibe.

 1. Soft Toys

Miffy Soft Toy

Number one on my list, soft toys. Because why not? Even a girl boss needs a cute companion. Get a small soft toy on your desk.

2. Mug/Bottle

Suction Mug/Bottle

Next up, the mugs and bottles. Though if you ask me, I’ll give the mug a little more importance than the bottle. Only because I need that coffee fix every morning. Probably not the best advice but….. coffee….

HAHAH okay just kidding. Highly recommend getting both. One can never have too many mugs/bottles on their desk.

3. Inspirational Decor

Blessing in a Jar

You got to admit, we all have those days where we need a little motivation. This is where the inspirational Décor comes in handy. Personally, for me, reading random inspirational quotes keep me going. It gives me that little push to do my work. But I also know that reading the same one all the time eventually loses its effect. So why not get a jar that’s full of it? Read one every day for the next 100 days.

4. Touch Lamp Warmer

Touch Lamp Warmer

At the end of the day, you got to remember, it’s important to give yourself some me time too. Or you’ll risk getting burnt out real fast which is definitely something we don’t want. Which is why I included our touch warmers which also serves as a fragrance diffuser. Fill your own personal space with sweet fragrance that helps you destress.

Yeh, I know the items mentioned are not the usual. These are all something that’ll help give you the additional mental boost we all didn’t know we need. Do you have all these items with you already? How is it working out for you? 

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