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Have you seen the new additions to our Miffy Collection? They’re fun-sized and so adorable. You’ll think Miffy is a child, but did you know that she is more than 60 years old? Did you also know that she is Dutch and not Japanese? Her original Dutch name is "Nijntje" which translates to “little rabbit”. HOW CUTE! She’s first created by a Dutch artist Dick Bruna in 1955, as an iconic bunny character with her instantly recognisable minimalist features. Bruna would tell his son Sierk bedtime stories about a little white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home. This bunny became the inspiration for Miffy.

Another fun fact, Bruna first thought that Miffy is a copy of Hello Kitty. They’re both drawn very similarly with lines and oversized head. But if you look closely, they have their differences. For example, Miffy have crossed mouth while Hello Kitty doesn’t have any mouth. Hello Kitty’s Bow on her ear. Read on to find out more on our new Miffy products!

Miffy and Hello Kitty
(Image from Yahoo! News Singapore)


1. Miffy - Keychain Corduroy (10cm)

Miffy Keychain

Accessorise your bag or add a little cute item with your keys by having these keychains. They’re super light so you don’t have to worry about them adding a little weight.

2. Miffy - Sitting Terry Plush (23cm)

Miffy Sitting Terry Plush

How adorable are these sitting plushies!! Colours are really cute too. Choose between Terry Plush and Corduroy Plush. Have them sitting with you on your study/work desk giving your that extra motivation to work.

3. Miffy - Elephant Terry (23cm) / Snuffy Terry Light (21cm)

Miffy - Snuffy & Elephant

What about these unique Miffy Soft Toys! If Miffy Rabbit soft toy isn't for you, what about this cute little dog/elephant?

Brighten up your day with these Miffy Products!


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